Enjoy a Horrific Valentines with VR Slasher Be Mine 

Roths Be Mine Peyton List

Meta’s social metaverse Horizon Worlds isn’t attracting as many virtual reality fans as the company would like. So next month it’s throwing some unique content Worlds’ way. Eli Roth, the horror maestro behind films such as Hostel has teamed up with Meta on BE MINE: A VR Valentine’s Slasher. 

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50+ Free VR Games: Meta Quest 2 

Meta Quest 2 player

Did you get a new Meta Quest 2 over the holidays or maybe treated yourself to this new gaming trend? Either way, you’ll want to fill that digital library with plenty of awesome games. There are plenty of premium titles to choose from but why not great a feel for Quest 2 with some free VR Games?

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Palmer Luckey “blown away” by Sony’s PlayStation VR 2  


Of the many virtual reality (VR) veterans out there, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey’s opinion carries substantial weight. Even if he’s no longer directly involved in VR, when he says something is good people tend to listen. With CES taking place earlier this month plenty of attendees got to sample Sony’s PlayStation VR 2. Having also tried the upcoming headset, Luckey gave it his seal of approval.  

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The Best Meta Quest 2 Deals

Meta Quest 2 deals

Launched back in 2020, the Meta Quest 2 (then known as the Oculus Quest 2) is getting a bit long in the tooth. However, despite many challengers, it still remains the best selling VR headset. For those of you who haven’t yet made the jump, we’ve looked high and low to bring you the best Meta Quest 2 deals from around the internet.

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holoride Launches Kit to Bring In-Car VR to All Vehicles

holoride retrofit keyart

A new retrofit kit from holoride will bring in-car VR to all vehicles. The compact device brings the company’s unique platform to vehicles of any make, model, or year. The device, which is roughly the size of a smart speaker, marks a new chapter for the Munich-based company. It’s mission is to turn every car into a holoride-ready vehicle.

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The End is Nigh for Quest 1 as Meta Cuts Features 

Oculus Quest Headset Oculus Publishing

The year was 2019 and it was an exciting time for virtual reality (VR). Before covid ruined everything and Meta still went by the name Facebook, the company released Oculus Quest. This wireless, consumer headset would be the beginning of a new revolution in VR gaming, becoming more accessible to the masses. Alas, Quest 1’s life is drawing to a close with Meta revealing that a few changes are on the way. 

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