PSVR 2 Trophies: Demeo

The PlayStation VR 2 launch game lineup is full of action titles but what if you wanted to take a more measured, turn-based approach? That’s where Resolution Games’ Demeo comes in. Bringing D&D style dungeon crawling into VR, here are all 38 PSVR 2 trophies for Demeo on  PlayStation 5.

PSVR 2 Trophies - Demeo

Demeo Trophies


  • Miser – Treat the piggy bank to a banquet to bring home the bacon. Complete an adventure with at least 1500 gold coins remaining on one of your heroes.
  • Big-Boned – When picking a bone with a boss, prepare to send them to the grave with it.
  • Bone Appetite – It’s a dog eat dog world out there, throw a bone to make a friend.
  • A Sticky Situation – Solve a particular situation by using a Bottle of Lye. Nothing more to it than that.
  • Come Light! – Nothing can dim the light that shines from you.
  • Pest Control – Don’t let them freak you out. Just stomp, squash and pummel!
  • Web Designer – When caught in a web, it’ll soon be dead! Friend or foe? Don’t let it go! Any will do! The itsy bitsy spider will gobble on you too.
  • Harvester – Reap seven enemies or more in a single action during your turn.
  • The Kai – Move in silence, fight as one and complete an adventure with three or more heroes where all are Assassins.
  • Uncloaked – Play the Assassin without using the Sneak card throughout one level in any adventure.
  • The Mousetrap – The last little mouse in the trap…use a Booby Trap to kill a rat, or make sure that the Rat King goes out with a BANG!
  • Ensemble – Get the band together again, tune your instruments and complete an adventure with three or more heroes where all are Bards.
  • The Royal Guard – Grab your shields, serve the Monarch and complete an adventure with three or more heroes where all are Guardians.
  • Hunting Party – Track your prey, hunt together and complete an adventure with three or more heroes where all are Hunters.
  • Sorcerers’ Guild – Grab your staves, cast spells and complete an adventure with three or more heroes where all are Sorcerers.
  • Warlock Coven – Pool your magic, summon Cána and complete an adventure with three or more heroes where all are Warlocks.
  • Pit Fighters – Sharpen your hooks, team up and complete an adventure with three or more heroes where all are Barbarians.
  • Get Over Here! – As Uhrak, pull an enemy with your hook and end the journey with a melee attack that will finish them. Fatality!
  • Trusting the Dark – Will you remain sane inside the Rat King’s maze as you feel something running across your feet? Or will your fears skew your mind and forever bestow you with a fear of the dark?
    Where light is lacking, the same goes for hope, which is constantly in short supply. But still, to stumble about in the blackness might not be such a foolish endeavour after all. Let your Torch rest as you reach the middle of the realm, and see what happens next.
  • Serpent Lord – Put an end to the source of the curse and free High Priest Umbal once and for all.
  • Into the Light – Even in the darkest of times, a warm feeling kindle within, like a phoenix rising, rage burn with relentless hope. Corrupted by hatred, this flame scorch evil hearts into lumps of coal. Spread your light so half a dozen bask in its glory for one last moment, followed by eternal darkness.
  • Lifeline – Pull a Downed hero to safety using the Grappling Hook and ensure they get up on their feet again, all in one go.


  • The Rampage – As Kahl, Rekk, and Talakk once did, unleash your force upon your foes, and history shall never forget you. Eliminate 200 enemies during the same adventure together with your party.
  • Standing Ovation – Perform The Song of Recovery to heal two downed heroes with the same card. Encore!
  • Cannon Fodder – Deploy the Behemoth and let it bellow its lethal shots until its killed 15 without getting scrapped.
  • Milt’s Restraint – “Arrows are not all there is to an archer master. It is about self-restraint and finding other ways to take a life beyond bow and bolt. You might learn a lot, so try it, but not during an entire adventure. That is just foolish.”
  • Shock and Awe – Overcharge your Sorcerer for a shocking turn of events, then Stun or kill ten foes with the Counterattack.
  • Feline Fury – Cána needs love, care and experience. Bestow Felidae Fury upon her during an adventure.
  • Elven Queen – Defeat the Elven Queen and dethrone her forever!
  • Rat King – Descend to a realm where sharp yellow teeth bite and tails are seen wherever your turn—where the rodent ruler steers his minions with an iron paw. Crowned in darkness and brought forward into the light, it is time to overthrow this King of the Rats.
  • Mother Cry – If Drych Forest is to bloom again, you must venture deep into the woods and find the root of the problem, ensuring that she never spreads rot again.
  • Beheading the Hydra – As the curse has been revealed, chop off the Hydra’s heads and bury them in the sand forever, making sure they are to be found no more.
  • Mad Elven King – Like the Eternal Night darkens the sun, dreams of everlasting life cloud the King’s mind. Remind the King about his mortality and light The Elven Blaze.
  • The Way of the Vr’AK Tribe – You must slaughter with your party before venturing forth. Defeat 100 enemies in a Town level.
  • The True Evil – Whilst playing as four, kill the Serpent Lord without causing harm to any of the doppelgangers.
  • Greedy – Don’t be wasteful! Swag every bit of gold in an entire adventure.


  • One Hero Wonder – The odds are not in your favor, as a single hero you stand alone against endless horrors lurking in the shadows. Crit happens! Defy all odds and just roll with it! Get through an entire Singleplayer adventure with just 1 hero.
  • Still Alive – HUGE SUCCESS. Get through an adventure without any of the party’s heroes getting downed.



And there you go that’s all the PSVR 2 trophies for Demeo, no Platinum trophy in sight. Once you’ve completed all of that, check out all the other PSVR 2 trophies available. Or maybe you want to accessorise your PSVR 2?