Hunt Together Open Beta Begins Today, Join Now!

At the beginning of December, developer Iron VR and publisher Carbon Studio announced Hunt Together. A PvP ghost-hunting game for Meta Quest and PCVR headsets, the game is scheduled to launch next month. Today, you can get an early taste by joining the Hunt Together open beta.

To join the Hunt Together open beta you’ll need to head to Carbon Studio’s Discord server. Go to the ‘beta-guide’ channel and follow the instructions, letting them know which headset you own. If you’re in time to join the event you’ll get an invitation to join and start hunting ghosts! Additionally, the event will feature crossplay between the Quest and PCVR editions.

Hunt Together screenshot1

Get on an early Hunt

Hunt Together is a ghost-busting game featuring 1v1 and 1v3 gameplay modes. In 1v1, one player acts as the Hunter whilst the other takes on the role of the Ghost. It’s a duel to see who can use their unique abilities to best the other. As you can imagine, the 1v3 mode – or ‘Hide & Seek’ as Iron VR likes to call it – involves three hunters.

The beta will test the crossplay dynamics and stability before the official Meta Quest launch on 18th January 2024. The Steam edition is due to arrive shortly after in February, opening up crossplay compatibility.

As a Hunter, you become Ludwig Pulsifier, a member of a mysterious organization that investigates the paranormal. An expert in the purification and apprehension of ghouls, you have access to an arsenal of occult tools. These include the Banishing Talisman that banishes ghosts, funnily enough. The Blessed Lantern helps you see the unseen, whilst the Ballerina spins when a ghost is near.

In spectral form, you can unleash all sorts of spooky delights whilst wandering levels unseen. You can fly and hide in vents if you so wish, but to win you’ll need to drain Hunters of their lifeforce. Doing so will allow you to perform a powerful jumpscare attack, putting an end to the Hunter’s activities.

Are you going to take part in the Hunt Together open beta? Let us know what you think in the comments.