VR Developers Are Already Planning Their Quest 3 Upgrades

After Meta’s Quest 3 announcement in May, we’re all eagerly awaiting its Connect conference on 27th September. As the company has already confirmed the launch of Quest 3 this Autumn, the event will likely herald the opening of pre-orders for the mixed-reality device. Whilst standard Quest 2 games and apps will work on the headset, some VR developers are already planning their Quest 3 upgrades for current titles.

In a similar way to how PSVR games are being improved for PSVR 2, making use of its enhanced features and PlayStation 5‘s processing power. Developers with titles on Quest 2 may want to make use of Quest 3’s improved feature set and graphical abilities. The upcoming headset has a new Qualcomm chipset inside, making it twice as fast as its predecessor.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Quest 3 Upgrades

Currently, two studios have confirmed they’ll be rolling out upgrades for their games. In a newly released trailer for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners franchise, Skydance Interactive mentioned Quest 3. “An enhanced version of Chapter 1 will be coming to Meta Quest 3, bringing the terrifying first journey into undead New Orleans to Meta’s next-generation headset.”

The first The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners game was a huge success, a feat the sequel never quite lived up to. There’s no mention of what the ‘enhanced’ version’ will bring but improved visual fidelity is a given.

The other game is the military shooter Pavlov Shack. As spotted by Mixed-News, developer Dave Villarreal responded to a query regarding a graphical update. He confirmed that while Pavlov Shack won’t be getting any visual enhancements it will run at 90Hz instead of 72Hz, making for a smoother experience.

While not specifically a Quest 3 upgrade, Digital Lode previously announced an Espire 2 mixed reality mode for the Quest platform. Considering Quest 3’s full-colour passthrough capabilities, this is far more tuned to the new headset rather than Quest 2’s black-and-white passthrough.

These are the only titles that we know about so far. It’s likely that more developers will reveal upgrades closer to the Quest 3 launch to help boost early sales. That said, there’s no rush or requirement to do so. Considering Quest 2’s user base, the focus will still be on it for the time being.

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