Ragnarock Welcomes Jonathan Young Onboard Tomorrow

One of our favourite rhythm-action games is WanadevStudios’ Ragnarock. So we’re always excited to hear about new DLC arriving. Tomorrow sees the arrival of Jonathan Young DLC for Ragnarock, adding new songs a new boat and more.

You may already know and listened to Jonathan Young’s catalogue. The heavy metal artist is known for a wide variety of songs, from sea shanties and fantasy-themed tracks to ones based on videogames like Diablo IV and Balders Gate 3. What we don’t know is which of Young’s songs, will feature on the DLC. WanadevStudio has confirmed that six will be made available. You can find him on YouTube and Spotify if you want a listen.

Another Ragnarock Raid

The Jonathan Young DLC raid follows on from the summer Sabaton pack. Fans got to enjoy the likes of Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Night Witches and Resist and Bite.

Ragnarock Raids:

The game was an instant hit when it launched in 2021, offering up a roster of songs not found in any other VR rhythm title. There are currently over 70 tunes to drum away to. You captain a Viking long boat with the aim being to travel the farthest distance possible. You do this of course by drumming in time with the beat, rallying your men with bonuses when you accurately string enough notes together. Ragnarock also features co-op and multiplayer options, so you can challenge others to some online PvP.

The Jonathan Young DLC for Ragnarock will be released for Meta Quest 3 & 2, PSVR 2 and PCVR headsets on Steam.

Have you tried Ragnarock? Let us know your impressions of the rock-focused rhythm game.