Pre-order Lego Bricktales Now for Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 LEGO

The one notable absence during the arrival of Meta Quest 3 was the lack of launch games. Actual big IPs to sell the new headset and its mixed reality capabilities. While there’s a decent selection of games sporting a mixed-reality component, the arrival of Lego Bricktales will help to change that. Set to launch next month, you can now pre-order Lego Bricktales for Meta Quest headsets.

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STRIDE: Fates Leaps Onto Meta Quest in a Few Weeks

STRIDE: Fates screenshot 4

STRIDE: Fates caused some controversy last month when it was announced. Designed as a freerunning single-player campaign, it was originally supposed to be part of Stride before Joy Way decided to separate the two. Now, a released date for Stride: Fates on Meta Quest headsets has been confirmed for November.

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Synth Riders Step Into Mixed Reality on Meta Quest Soon

Synth Riders 5 Years keyart

Meta Quest 3 officially launches tomorrow and with it a new era of mixed reality (MR) gaming. Some developers are upgrading current projects with better graphics, whilst others are adding MR components. One of the latest studios to do so is Kluge Interactive, teasing mixed reality support for its popular rhythm-action game Synth Riders.

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Out of Scale: A Kurzgesagt Adventure is an Edutainment Game Coming to Quest

Out of Scale: A Kurzgesagt Adventure keyart

Schell Games is well known for its entertaining VR games like the I Expect You to Die series and Among Us VR. But the studio also knows a thing or two about edutainment, having previously released HoloLAB Champions and HistoryMaker VR. Its latest is a collaboration with the YouTube channel Kurzgesagt on Out of Scale: A Kurzgesagt Adventure.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming Lands on Meta Quest 3 in December

Xbox Game Pass

During Meta’s Connect keynote in 2022, the company launched the Quest Pro and happened to mention Xbox Cloud Gaming. Nothing was heard of the feature until Connect this week, where CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the ability to play Xbox Games Pass games would finally arrive for Meta Quest 3 at the end of the year.

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Yuki’s Roguelike Action Unleashes a Mixed Reality Mode in October

Yuki Roguelike screenshot

A couple of years ago, ARVORE released its colourful, anime-inspired roguelike Yuki. Players take control of the titular Yuki, energetically flying them around bullet-strewn virtual worlds. In October, that’s about to be enhanced, Yuki’s getting a mixed reality mode for all Meta Quest headsets.

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Wallace & Gromit Are Stepping into a Mixed Reality World on Quest 3

Wallace & Gromit: The Grand Getaway KeyArt

One of the quirkier VR games we’re looking forward to this year is Wallace & Gromit: The Grand Getaway. Bringing the comedic claymation duo into virtual reality for the first time, it seems Aardman Animation and Atlas V are going one step further. During Meta Connect this week, it was revealed that the Wallace & Gromit game will feature a mixed-reality component for Meta Quest headsets including Quest 3.

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Racket Club Welcomes New Members This Winter

Racket Club keyart

During the summer as part of the Quest Gaming Showcase prolific VR developer Resolution Games showcased two new games. Firstly, the was Demeo Battles, its turn-based, PvP brawler. The second was Racket Club, a socially-focused tennis game. With Demeo Battles due in November, Racket Club will be opening its doors in December.

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Meta Horizon Worlds Co-op Adventure Citadel Now Live

Meta Horizon Worlds - Citadel

Meta’s VR division has a user retention issue. The company has admitted it struggles to keep new Quest 2 owners coming back. The same can be said for its flagship Meta Horizon Worlds app, the metaverse it has been struggling to promote. To aid in that endeavour, Meta released Super Rumble a couple of months ago. Now Horizon Worlds has its second title, a co-op adventure game called Citadel.

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