Demeter Mixed Reality World Emerges onto Meta Quest

The launch of Meta Quest 3 last year has opened up new possibilities for mixed reality gaming. Whilst some developers have adapted preexisting VR games with MR modes, others have looked at creating new and original projects. The latest comes from Novelab, with the release of Demeter today for Meta Quest.

A platformer made for MR, Demeter mixes puzzles and narrative into one exciting adventure. The story revolves around Atalanta, who hails from the planet Demeter and whose ship has managed to find its way into our universe. And so begins a journey into your home, as your walls and furniture set the stage for every new level in Atalanta’s story.

Demeter is the first Mixed Reality game of this scale and ambition to be made and it is beyond thrilling to work at the forefront of what this technology can offer,” said Paul Mezier, Executive Producer of Novelab in a statement. “We’re really excited for Quest players everywhere to experience the world of Demeter right in their living room when it launches.” 

DEMETER screenshot 1

Demeter Gameplay

You control Atalanta from a third-person perspective – just like games such as Ven VR Adventure. But this adventure makes use of your environment, with the game dynamically adapting to rooms of any size. So Demeter will work no matter how big or small your play space is!

You’ll be able to explore ever-changing locations thanks to procedural generation, solving puzzles and fighting enemies en route. As a spatial experience, the puzzles are volumetric by design. This means you’ll have to move around to find a better viewpoint as you try to save Atalante’s home world.

Demeter is available today exclusively for Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro headsets.

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