Zero Caliber 2 Pre-Orders Open for Meta Quest

In December 2023, XREAL Games confirmed that its tactical shooter Zero Caliber would be getting a sequel in 2024. Coming to Meta Quest and PCVR headsets via Steam, Zero Caliber 2 promises an even bigger and better experience than its predecessor. If you’re looking forward to its launch, Zero Caliber 2 pre-orders have now gone live on the Quest Store.

The original game was a reasonably well-received title in 2018, heavily updated since then. Zero Caliber: Reloaded then brought the title to Meta Quest in 2021. Zero Caliber 2 is essentially a direct sequel to Zero Caliber VR/Zero Caliber: Reloaded, offering both single-player, multiplayer and co-op modes.

The studio says that it’ll be: “bigger and better in every way, being built on everything we’ve learned during Zero Caliber’s development while incorporating the immense community feedback we’ve been collecting over the years.”

Zero Caliber 2 screenshot1

Zero Caliber 2 Pre-orders

There will be a fully fledge campaign playable solo and in co-op. Its story will continue on from the previous game. And for all you multiplayer fans out there, the PvP mode returns alongside tons of weapons to unlock, native mod support and more. The first game also featured Zombie and Survival modes but there’s no mention of those for the sequel just yet.

For those that love a VR deal, Zero Caliber 2 pre-orders have now gone live for Meta Quest – and only Quest. Early adopters will benefit from a 10% discount off the regular price. XREAL Games hasn’t confirmed a release date at the moment, simply earmarking a ‘Spring 2024’ window. So the game isn’t too far off. Watch the first and only trailer for the game here.

XREAL Games are multiplayer veterans, having also released 4-player co-op Gambit! in 2023

Were you a fan of the original Zero Caliber? Like the look of the sequel. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.