BloxAR to Bring Mixed Reality Tetris to Meta Quest

Tetris is undoubtedly one of the best puzzle videogames ever made. It’s been on every system imaginable and seen countless imitations over the years. The latest is slightly more intriguing as it brings those classic tetrominoes into the real world. The game is called BloxAR and it’s coming to Meta Quest headsets.

BloxAR keeps the main theme of Tetris the same whereby you have to carefully place shapes as they drop from on high. Creating intricate three-dimensional puzzles in the process, get it wrong and it’ll get higher and higher. In mixed reality that means BloxAR can get significantly tall if you’re not careful.

You’ll be able to spin the tower around quickly with the thumb sticks or physically wander around. Possibly the first time anyone has been able to examine an active tetromino stack with their feet.

BloxAR screenshot2

Building those virtual blox

Initially, BloxAR will launch as an early access game, so we’d expect it to arrive on App Lab first. The team has confirmed that this version will come with three boards to build off of, as well as an endless gameplay mode. As development progresses further modes will be added.

The studio is also keen on hearing back from the community on what other features to implement. Whether that’s a block/level creator, multiplayer, new types of pieces, more board sizes, levels where you solve specific situations or even power-ups. Thus you can help shape the type of game it can become.

BloxAR doesn’t have to be played in mixed reality either. You can switch passthrough off to focus solely on the puzzles.

Currently, there’s no confirmation as to when BloxAR will arrive for Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro. So keep your eyes out.

Like the idea of mixed reality Tetris? Let us know what you think of BloxAR for Quest in the comments below.