Swarm 2 Returns to Meta Quest in 2024

Years ago games like Windlands showcased the exciting power of grappling hooks and swinging mechanics. Then in 2021 Greensky Games unleashed Swarm, demonstrating how fast and frantic arcade-style grapple shooters could be. Now the studio has confirmed its long-awaited return. Swarm 2 is heading to Meta Quest headsets in the new year.

The original was all about defeating wave after wave of airborne enemies, culminating in a huge arena boss battle. All whilst grappling and staying in the air, landing was never an option. Swarm 2 builds upon this initial premise, throwing in rogue-like progression and some new epic environments.

“As Marv, the last surviving grapple commando, you’ll use your trusty pistol and grappling hook to battle back the Swarm and save Earth – with style! – while growing stronger and unravelling more of the story with each unique mission to the surface,” states the synopsis.

Swarm 2 screenshot

The Swarm returns

From the look of the new trailer – which you can view hereSwarm 2 somehow seems even bigger and bolder than before. The ‘Smooth Grappling System’ remains intact, with the studio saying there’s “more precision and control, and some fun new grappling abilities.” No details have yet been given regarding those abilities.

As for the roguelike element, the game’s Shard Tech can be utilised to permanently upgrade skills. “Choose among dozens of perks to find the perfect combination and make the perfect run,” Greensky notes.

Swarm 2 is scheduled for release on 7th March 2024, priced at $24.99 USD (£18.99 GBP). In the run-up to launch, Greensky Games is offering a pre-order discount, dropping the price to $21.99 (£16.99). In addition to the discount, those who pre-order will also receive a Legendary ‘Crimson Strike’ skin for Marv’s revolver.

Will you be pre-ordering Swarm 2? Were you a fan of the original? Let us know in the comments.