The Wizards Brotherhood Update Delayed Again

The Wizards Brotherhood Update

If you’re a fan of Carbon Studios’ The Wizards – Dark Times then you’re likely looking forward to the new Brotherhood update. Adding an exciting co-op element to the game, it was supposed to arrive today. Alas, that’s not going to happen with The Wizards Brotherhood update delayed until the end of November.

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The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood Now Seals the Bond in November

The Wizards Brotherhood keyart

Several months ago Carbon Studio announced plans for a major update to The Wizards – Dark Times. A magical spell-casting VR game, the new features will add a range of visual enhancements and a co-op mode. Originally slated for an October launch, The Wizards Brotherhood update has been pushed into November to give the studio more time to fine-tune the experience.

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The Wizards – Dark Times Brings Co-op Brotherhood to the Fantasy Adventure Soon

The Wizards - Dark Times: Brotherhood screenshot3

Carbon Studios’ The Wizards – Dark Times has been a magical single-player adventure since its release in 2020. Soon, however, the game will get its most significant update to date, enhancing the graphics, adding new content and more. Most importantly, The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood update will add a co-op mode.

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Mindset Review: Handily Geared Puzzles

Mindset Review - keyart

Some of the best VR puzzle games are the simplest ones. Titles like Cubism and Puzzling Places demonstrate perfectly that a good, well-crafted puzzle is all you need. No fluff, just you and your problem-solving skills. If you love this style of game then Carbon Studio’s latest, Mindset, has likely caught your eye. Littered with cube-based head-scratchers, as we find in our Mindset review, the studio has bravely paired the gameplay with a somewhat bizarre narrative and hand tracking for a mixed result.

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Crimen – Mercenary Tales Release Date Announced

Crimen - Mercenary Tales keyart

Carbon Studio (The Wizards, Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall) revealed back in April that its latest VR adventure, Crimen – Mercenary Tales, would take players onto the high seas. The studio has now confirmed when that’ll happen, with the Crimen – Mercenary Tales release date being 25th May 2023.

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