Crimen – Mercenary Tales Release Date Announced

Carbon Studio (The Wizards, Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall) revealed back in April that its latest VR adventure, Crimen – Mercenary Tales, would take players onto the high seas. The studio has now confirmed when that’ll happen, with the Crimen – Mercenary Tales release date being 25th May 2023.

Crimen – Mercenary Tales is an action-packed hack-n-slash set across eight tales, each with its own charismatic main character. From eerie castles and ancient temples to forsaken shipwrecks, there will be a wide variety of locations to explore. This is teamed with comic book graphics and fanciful mercenary humour to keep the gameplay fun and amusing. So in between all the fighting, you can enjoy some entertaining stories.

Crimen - Mercenary Tales 1

A swashbuckling adventure

Set against a 17th-century backdrop, Crimen – Mercenary Tales gives players the chance to wield a variety of historically accurate weapons. From cutlasses to bows and more, you’ll be getting up close to pirates standing in your way. Parrying attacks and taking on groups of enemies. Blow up explosive barrels with your duel-wielded pistols, catch and flick back arrows with your sword and throw grenades to cause carnage.

If you like games such as GORN, then Carbon Studios’ latest VR project might be worth a look. Crimen – Mercenary Tales isn’t purely mindless violence, however, the developer has included puzzles to keep things interesting amidst all the blood and gore.

Additionally, there will be plenty of hidden surprises and nods to popular culture. All of this is to the engaging Slavic folk music score composed by the talented Arkadiusz Reikowski.

Crimen – Mercenary Tales Release Date

Crimen – Mercenary Tales will support Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro and PICO devices on 25th May. You can see the gameplay in action in the new announcement trailer.

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