Crimen – Mercenary Tales Announced for Quest 2

Today is a day to celebrate the open seas, it seems. Following this morning’s announcement of a a release date for Call of the Sea VR, Carbon Studio has revealed a new pirating adventure. Crimen – Mercenary Tales will sail onto Meta Quest 2 in May, 2023.

“Get ready for a thrilling journey with eight captivating adventures brimming with humor, epic moments, and no shortage of blood.”

That’s the synopsis from Carbon Studio, the team behind the popular The Wizards – Dark Times VR game. Crimen – Mercenary Tales will allow players to embark on a journey filled with grandeur, riches, and legendary feats.

Crimen - Mercenary Tales screenshot

Crimen – Mercenary Tales Gameplay

Through eight different tales, players will experience a 17th-century backdrop that combines unique comic book visuals with intriguing characters, arcade-style combat and puzzles. Arm yourself with historically accurate weapons and slash your way through eerie castles, ancient temples, forsaken shipwrecks, and other astonishing locations.

As you venture into the game, you’ll encounter the lively tavern’s patrons. These characters will regale you outrageous tales of their accomplishments.

Crimen – Mercenary Tales promises to deliver a gory arcade-style slasher, distinguishing it from conventional physics-driven VR games. Carbon Studio are promising ‘abundant humor, hidden surprises, and nods to popular culture’. How they’re going to fit popular culture refences into the 17th-century setting is anyone’s guess.

Crimen - Mercenary Tales screenshot

Carbon Studio

Carbon Studio’s The Wizards became an ever-evolving product in the years post-launch, and developed a considerable audience. Whether or not the studio can achieve the same level of success with a pirating adventure remains to be seen.

The studio also worked on Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall. Founded in July 2015, Carbon Studio has released titles on multiple formats, but is now focused solely on AR and VR.

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