Hunt Together Roadmap Confirms PCVR Launch in Feb

Iron VR and Carbon Studio launched their ghost-hunting game Hunt Together for Meta Quest last week. It’s seen a growing positive response from players as they get a feel for the spooky gameplay. Looking further ahead, the developers have unveiled a Q1 roadmap for Hunt Together.

Currently, Hunt Together is only available via the Quest Store. Whilst a PCVR edition has always been on the cards, the roadmap confirms a Steam launch will occur in February. When in Feb is still unknown, but if you prefer your games on the PC platform there’s not long to wait.

This will then unlock crossplay functionality, hopefully throwing more players into the mix. That’s not all there is to look forward to next month. Apart from a bunch of Quality of Life updates, Hunt Together will get a new map called ‘Train Chase’. And voice chat, which will be handy.

Hunt Together Roadmap

Hunt Together Roadmap

In late Q1 during March, Iron VR and Carbon Studio will be adding some smaller improvements. These include achievements, leaderboards, and a performance improvement for the Meta Quest version.

As mentioned, Hunt Together is a spooky game all about catching ghosts. These aren’t AI spectres, however, as other players take on the ethereal role. The 1c1 mode is a dual between ghost and hunter, each using their own unique skills to catch/evade the other. The 1v3 Hide and Seek mode ups the pressure by pitting three hunters against one ghoul. Hunts take place across a range of spine-chilling locations such as a classic haunted Mansion, the Mines, or a grim Orphanage.

Characters may have specific abilities but players can customise their look to stand out during each hunt. Hunt Together is available now for Meta Quest priced at £14.99 GBP.

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