Hunt Together Brings PvP Ghost Hunting to Meta Quest Soon

Who doesn’t love a good ghost hunt? Whether that’s the horror stylings of Phasmophobia or the more comedic Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord. Adding to that mix in the new year is Hunt Together, a PvP ghost-hunting game for Meta Quest.

Developed by Iron VR (Lust for Darkness, Holy Chick!) and published by Carbon Studio, Hunt Together is a multiplayer-focused experience. The spooky horror will feature two modes, either a 1vs1 elimination duel or a 1vs3 ‘Hide & Seek’ mode. As you can probably guess, one player gets to be the ghost whilst everyone else hunts.

Hunt Together screenshot 3

Hunt Together on Meta Quest

If you choose to be a Hunter then you step into the shoes of Ludwig Pulsifier, a member of a mysterious organization that investigates the paranormal. As an expert in the purification and apprehension of ghouls, Pulsifier comes equipped with an arsenal of occult tools. These include the Banishing Talisman that banishes ghosts, funnily enough. The Blessed Lantern helps you see the unseen, whilst the Ballerina spins when a ghost is near.

As a ghost you can wander environments unseen, free to fly around and hide in vents if you so wish. Your only mission is to gather life force from the intruder to perform a powerful jumpscare attack. The ghost has plenty of powers beyond mere flight. Telekinetic abilities allow you to throw objects around or how about possessing them instead? Or you can always curse the doors, locking them shut and trapping unaware Hunters.

Hunt Together will feature a variety of spooky locations including an abandoned mine, a haunted mansion and a forgotten orphanage. Furthermore, you’ll be able to acquire new skins for your character and develop their skills through a progression system.

Hunt Together is scheduled to hit Meta Quest on 18th January 2024. The Steam release is slated to arrive later in February.

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