Blacktop Hoops Slamdunks onto Quest & PCVR This Spring

Blacktop Hoops Beta Keyart

Just like Ghosts of Tabor, the early access launch of Blacktop Hoops has done exceedingly well. Released for Steam and Quest (via App Lab) in April 2022, the game has received thousands of positive ratings! Now developer Vinci Games has announced that Blacktop Hoops will be leaving early access this Spring.

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Latest The Foglands Patch Addresses Enemy AI Issues and More

The Foglands keyart

It’s safe to say that Well Told Entertainment’s The Foglands didn’t quite meet expectations. The game originally appeared during a PlayStation showcase and looked like an exciting roguelike. It wasn’t, offering a rather dull FPS experience instead. But Well Told aims to fix those issues, announcing a new patch for The Foglands.

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Is Metro Awakening VR Coming to Meta Quest?

Metro Awakening VR Key Art 2

The Metro 2033 franchise is hugely popular on consoles and PCs, with three mainline games available in the series. Ranging from claustrophobic gaming to open-world adventure, the post-apocalyptic gameplay has garnered a lot of fans. And as you probably already know, Metro is coming to VR headsets. Called Metro Awakening, we answer some of your biggest questions, like is Meta Quest support available?

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Titanic: A Space Between Review: Sci-fi Horror That Sinks Quickly

Titanic: A Space Between keyart

The sinking of the Titanic in 1912 is a maritime tale that’s been retold countless times and reimagined just as many. 2018’s Titanic VR is the most notable in the VR space, aiming for historical accuracy to help educate players on the tragedy. Titanic: A Space Between, on the other hand, weaves a futuristic, time-travelling tale in amongst the events of that fateful night. Whilst chaos is going on all around you have a mystery to solve, but other dangers are stalking those water-logged corridors. Shame it’s all third-class cabin fever and not more first-class survival.

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Why You Should be Excited for Metro Awakening VR

Metro Awakening VR Key Art

The end of 2023 saw some huge games arrive for VR headsets. Arizona Sunshine 2, Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR, Asgard’s Wrath 2 and Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2. That can make January a bit of a dull month for gaming news. Thankfully that wasn’t the case with PlayStation’s State of Play offering up a VR corker, Metro Awakening VR. If you’ve never played the franchise here’s why you should be excited for Metro Awakening this year.

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Ghosts of Tabor Leaves Quest App Lab Today

Ghosts of Tabor keyart

Combat Waffle Studios’ Ghosts of Tabor has had an amazing run on Meta Quest’s App Lab. Released into the early access distribution channel in March 2023, the tactical shooter surpassed $3 million in revenue in only five months. Today, Ghosts of Tabor takes its next big step, leaving App Lab for the official Quest Store.

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Begin Your Martial Arts Journey in Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu on Quest Tomorrow

Dragon Fist KeyArt Logo

VR is littered with physical games where you can punch, dodge and generally enjoy melee combat. However, none of them are that focused on martial arts. That’s where Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu comes in, a game created by indie developer Ben Olding. In collaboration with Clique Games, Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu is getting its official Meta Quest store launch tomorrow.

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Meta Quest Inches Closer to Apple Vision Pro With v62 Update

Meta Quest Spatial Video

Apple’s new Vision Pro headset (sorry, spatial computer) is now officially out in the wild! But if you don’t have $3500 USD to spend or live outside of the US, then take note of Meta’s latest update for Quest. The rollout of the v62 update for Meta Quest began this past week with some major new features. One of which brings the Quest closer to Apple Vision Pro territory, spatial video playback.

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