Racket Club Welcomes New Members This Winter

Racket Club keyart

During the summer as part of the Quest Gaming Showcase prolific VR developer Resolution Games showcased two new games. Firstly, the was Demeo Battles, its turn-based, PvP brawler. The second was Racket Club, a socially-focused tennis game. With Demeo Battles due in November, Racket Club will be opening its doors in December.

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STRIDE: Fates Brings Parkour Adventure to Quest in 2023

STRIDE: Fates keyart

In 2022, after a short early access period, Joy Way launched STRIDE. It was a parkour-themed game where you could run and leap across rooftops, shooting bad guys and setting speed runs. At the time, a campaign story mode was on the cards yet never seemed to materialise. Now it has, sort of. Joy Way has announced the sequel STRIDE: Fates, a “full-fledged separate game.”

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Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut PSVR 2, Quest 2 & PCVR Launch Date Confirmed

Arashi: Castles of Sin - Final Cut keyart

The original Arashi: Castles of Sin was a PSVR-exclusive when it launched in 2021, bringing samurai combat to VR. It received mixed reviews, in part due to PSVR’s dated Move controllers. But earlier this year, publisher Skydance Interactive and developer Endeavor One unveiled Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut. Bringing the title to more headsets with modern improvements, a November launch date has now been set.

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Meta Horizon Worlds Co-op Adventure Citadel Now Live

Meta Horizon Worlds - Citadel

Meta’s VR division has a user retention issue. The company has admitted it struggles to keep new Quest 2 owners coming back. The same can be said for its flagship Meta Horizon Worlds app, the metaverse it has been struggling to promote. To aid in that endeavour, Meta released Super Rumble a couple of months ago. Now Horizon Worlds has its second title, a co-op adventure game called Citadel.

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Meta Quest Update Improves Avatars, Adds Horizon Feed But Hides Your Games

Meta Quest Update Horizon Feed

Meta has begun rolling out its monthly update for Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets – v57 this time. It offers a range of improvements, from adding more detailed avatars to the ability to unsend image messages. But the biggest change is to the main landing page, with users now greeted by Horizon Feed, their one-stop shop for all games, apps and Reels.

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Are we in the Midst of a Hand Tracking Revolution?

Apple Vision Pro with battery-FaceTime

If you own a Meta Quest headset then it’s highly likely you’ve given hand tracking a go. Whether you love it or not, XR headset manufacturers are going all in on the technology. Whether that’s to offer an alternative to controllers or dispense with them altogether, we’re in a new hand-tracking revolution where immersion is key. Controllers are seen more as a hindrance than a necessity. But are they?

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Behind the Frame Launch Date Confirmed for PSVR 2, Quest & PCVR

Behind the Frame VR - keyart

Silver Lining Studio announced that its narrative-based painting game Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery would be coming to VR. Publishers Akupara Games and Akatsuki Taiwan have now confirmed a launch date for Behind the Frame VR and which platforms the game is coming to.

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How to Factory Reset Meta Quest 2

Meta Quest 2 player

The Meta Quest 2 is a great virtual reality headset. Whether you use it for communication, entertainment or even education, it’s a multifunctional device. Meta continuously updates the headset, bringing new features like improved hand tracking whilst ensuring a smooth customer experience. However, there is the odd occasion when a reset is required or quite possibly a full refresh. If that is the case, here’s how to factory reset your Meta Quest 2.

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Islanders: VR Edition Out Next Month for Quest & PCVR Headsets

Islanders VR Edition keyart

At the beginning of August, XR Source reported that Islanders: VR Edition would be coming soon to Meta Quest 2 and PCVR headsets. With Gamescom 2023 taking place this week in Cologne, Germany, developers Stage Clear and GrizzlyGames with publisher Coatsink have revealed a September launch date.

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