Mannequin Brings its Asymmetrical Hunt to Quest App Lab in May

After an initial reveal in 2023, Fast Travel Games has run an open alpha for Mannequin these past couple of months. An asymmetrical multiplayer featuring 2v3 matches, an early access launch is now upon us. Mannequin is now set to arrive on Meta Quest App Lab next week.

Mannequin screenshot 1

Mannequin on App Lab

Fast Travel Games will release Mannequin for Quest App Lab on 2nd May, priced at $20 USD. The studio has confirmed it’ll feature all four maps from the open alpha (Courtyard, The Lab, Broken Bunker and Last Resort). It’ll also include updated visuals, improved friends list features and the ability to password-protect customer games and party-play.

Additionally, Fast Travel Games will be releasing promotional codes via social media. This will discount Mannequin by 50% during the launch weekend. So keep an eye out for those.

In the meantime, the open alpha is still freely accessible until 29th April. You can access the game via SideQuest or by heading to Mannequin’s Discord server.

Mannequin Gameplay

An asymmetrical multiplayer, in Mannequin you’re either a human or a shape-shifting alien. If you’re one of the two human agents then you have to scan and neutralise the aliens using an EMP gun. You can’t liberally run around blasting everything you see because ammunition is limited and shooting a frozen human jams your gun.

While as a Mannequin, players have to pose and blend in, dashing forward and freezing agents with a touch of a hand.

How and why is this happening? “Crisis engulfs the globe. Select sites have frozen in time, turning people into motionless statues. An alien presence is behind these anomalies. Special Agents are dispatched to eradicate this threat before they become the next victims.”

Mannequin Platform Support

The studio has confirmed that Mannequin will support multiple VR platforms with the initial launch happening on Meta Quest. Steam and PSVR 2 editions are on the way, but there’s been no confirmed launch window other than 2024.

Have you been playing the open alpha? What do you think of Mannequin? Let us know in the comments below.