Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator Out Now on Apple Vision Pro

Job Simulator Vision Pro Key Art

Around the same time that Apple launched the Vision Pro, Owlchemy Labs made its own announcement. Revealing that its popular VR games Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator were being ported to Vision Pro. The wait is now over, with Apple headset owners able to dive into the colourful worlds VR owners have been enjoying for years.

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Owlchemy Labs is Bringing its Two Most Popular Games to Apple Vision Pro

Job Simulator - Dominate VR Charts

Apple has made it abundantly clear that its new $3500 headset, the Vision Pro isn’t designed as a gaming device. But that hasn’t stopped VR developers from porting their games across. The latest to announce plans to do so is Owlchemy Labs. Its VR games Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator are coming soon to Apple Vision Pro.

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“Living in VR Makes no Sense” Says VR Pioneer Jaron Lanier

Apple Vision Pro - Gaming

If there’s one person in the entire world who knows VR inside and out it’s Jaron Lanier. Decades before the likes of Palmer Lucky, Mark Zuckerberg et al, computer scientist, musician and artist Lanier spearheaded immersive technology founding VPL Research in the 1980s. As you may have already seen, the launch of Apple Vision Pro has prompted early adopters to use it in all manner of situations. On the subway, at a basketball game, or even just walking down the street. Whilst companies are trying to promote XR’s everyday use case, Lanier says that “living in VR makes no sense.”

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Synth Riders Announced as Apple Vision Pro Launch Title

Synth Riders 5 Years keyart

Kluge Interactive has seen great success with Synth Riders across the breadth of VR devices. Now, the developer looks to new shores to bring in even more XR rhythm gamers, as the game has been rebuilt from the ground up for Apple Vision Pro. Not only that, but the game will be available as a launch title for the device, arriving tomorrow.

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Tiny Archers Brings Archery to Apple Vision Pro

Tiny Archers screenshot 2

Tech news feeds seem to be filled with news regarding Apple’s newest piece of hardware. Its ‘spatial computer’, the Vision Pro is designed for entertainment as well as productivity, yet VR games seem to be nowhere in sight. One of the first to confirm a game is 1DER Entertainment. Its tower defence game Tiny Archers, will be made available for Apple Vision Pro.

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Are we in the Midst of a Hand Tracking Revolution?

Apple Vision Pro with battery-FaceTime

If you own a Meta Quest headset then it’s highly likely you’ve given hand tracking a go. Whether you love it or not, XR headset manufacturers are going all in on the technology. Whether that’s to offer an alternative to controllers or dispense with them altogether, we’re in a new hand-tracking revolution where immersion is key. Controllers are seen more as a hindrance than a necessity. But are they?

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Apple Reportedly has no Interest in First or Third-Party VR Controllers for Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro Dev Kit - lifestyle working

Of the many takeaways from the Apple Vision Pro announcement during WWDC in June, one of the more interesting aspects was input. The company has decided that hand tracking, in combination with eye tracking and Siri voice commands, is the way to go. That left a lot of people wondering about VR controllers for Vision Pro, enabling games and apps to be ported across. According to a new report, the Cupertino-based tech giant has no plans for either a first or third-party-supported physical interface.

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