Synth Riders Announced as Apple Vision Pro Launch Title

Kluge Interactive has seen great success with Synth Riders across the breadth of VR devices. Now, the developer looks to new shores to bring in even more XR rhythm gamers, as the game has been rebuilt from the ground up for Apple Vision Pro. Not only that, but the game will be available as a launch title for the device, arriving tomorrow.

Synth Riders made its VR debut over five years ago, and has built a strong fanbase since. Developer Kluge Interactive has made great efforts to continue supporting the game in the intervening years. Though recently dropped support for the original Oculus Rift version. The game’s most recent update, Electro Swing Essentials Volume 2, launched in-game last week to eager fans. 

Synth Riders - Apple Vision Pro screenshot

Synth Riders for Apple Vision Pro

This new edition of Synth Riders will launch on day one of the Apple Vision Pro shipments, available via Apple Arcade. Subscribers will be able to catch notes, ride the rails, and dodge obstacles in Synth Riders’ brand-new audio-reactive spatial environment with dynamic visuals custom-built specifically for Apple Vision Pro.

The Apple Vision Pro edition of the game boasts a new look and feel. Along with an updated user experience is the option to switch between a portal to a retro-futuristic world and the full immersive experience. From tomorrow you can transform your room into the stage before your very eyes. You’ll be able to compete on leaderboards with more than 70 songs from in a wide range of musical styles. These include synthwave, pop, rock, EDM, electro swing, and more.

“Kluge’s passion is in giving people an amazing audiovisual experience and enabling artists and creators to showcase their incredible music,” says Arturo Perez, CEO, Kluge Interactive. “With Synth Riders for Apple Vision Pro, we’ve re-imagined our beloved rhythm game with new visuals and gameplay. For the first time, players experience the notes and rails with immersive hand-tracking and interactive effects that let them feel the music in a whole new way. Fans and newcomers can look forward to the joy the Synth Riders game has always offered – to lose themselves in the ‘flow state’ of a perfect combination of movement, visuals, and music.”

Will you be picking up Synth Riders for your Apple Vision Pro tomorrow? The game ranked as one of XR Source’s best Mixed Reality games for Meta Quest 3, so you certainly should consider it! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.