Racket Club Release Date Announced

Resolution Games has announced the release date for its upcoming multiplayer sports title Racket Club. The studio has also provided the first details of the game’s single-player content, and confirmed that the game will feature a mixed reality (MR) mode at launch.

Racket Club has been designed to recreate the social experience of a fitness club as faithfully as possible. It will offer multiplayer singles and double matches, as well as an explorable Club environment. But it doesn’t stop there. The game also offers options for players who are looking to develop their skills solo, offering a range of modes for single player fun.

Racket Club screenshot

Racket Club Gameplay Modes

As would be expected of a career mode, players compete in matches and earn XP to advance their Club journey. New gear and cosmetic options will unlock, allowing players to make their avatar uniquely their own. Additional rackets will also become available for players as they progress through the game. Unlike cosmetic changes, these have a direct impact on the play experience. 

“Your skill may be the most important factor in how well you play any racket sport – but it’s not the only factor,” said Mathieu Castelli, Chief Creative Officer at Resolution Games. “Equipment plays a big role too. That’s why we’ve made 20 rackets available at launch, each with their own varying emphases on spin, speed, and mass. But don’t get hung up on their stats. Just like real equipment, the difference is really felt once you have it in your hands and take a few swings on the court.” 

The single-player gameplay modes set to be available at launch include:

  • Practice: Lets players step into a court and instantly start a match against an AI rival, mirroring the singles multiplayer experience while giving players plenty of room to build their confidence.
  • Drills: Present a series of objectives that will teach players basic and advanced techniques to help improve their game. Drills focus on helping players understand the rules, as well as mastering different shots and reactions.
  • Career: Places players in single-player bracket championships against AI rivals that take place all over the world, giving them a first glimpse of the environments outside of their own home court.

The game’s MR mode is designed for multiplayer gameplay. This allows users to set up clear court walls in the world around them. The opposing player’s side of the court remains entirely digital and is seen through a portal wall. This mode will be compatible with Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, and Pico 4.

Racket Club Release Date

Resolution Games has revealed that the Racket Club release date has been set for 14th December, 2023. The game will be available on the Meta Quest Store, Pico, and Steam, priced at $24.99 USD. The game can be pre-ordered now, with a 12% discount on the Meta Quest Store.

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