Job Simulator Studio Owlchemy Labs Celebrates Platinum Milestone

Google-owner Owlchemy Labs has earned itself legendary status within the VR industry. The studio is behind the hugely popular Job Simulator as well as Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, Vacation Simulator, and Cosmonious High. This month, Owlchemy Labs celebrates a major milestone, with Vacation Simulator selling over 1 million copies.

This isn’t the first time an Owlchemy Labs game has gone platinum. The first was Job Simulator (of course), way back in 2020. Now with a second platinum game, the studio is riding high on this rare VR achievement.

Vacation Simulator’s success makes Owlchemy the first studio to have multiple platinum VR exclusive titles,” said Andrew Eiche, CEOwl at Owlchemy Labs in a statement. “This is a monumental achievement for VR, showcasing the medium’s growth and sustainability for game developers. The success of our Simulator titles empower Owlchemy Labs to push the boundaries of VR and develop our hand-tracking technologies to drive the industry towards a mainstream revolution.” 

Owlchemy Lab celebrates Vacation Simulator Beach Screenshot

A platinum celebration

To mark the moment, Owlchemy Labs has seen fit to upgrade both Vacation Simulator and Cosmonious High for Meta Quest 3.

Both games are getting visual performance upgrades:

  • Vacation Simulator players can now experience a more immersive environment with real-time shadows, creating a world that feels more natural. 
  • Cosmonious High students also experience real-time shadows as well as an increased frame rate of 90fps, bringing the game’s vibrant, colourful world to life. 

Vacation Simulator was the follow-up to Job Simulator. As the name indicates, the game takes place on a sun-soaked resort filled with fun activities. Head to the beach and cook some burgers or head into the mountains for a snowball fight or two.

In other news, Owlchemy Labs’ co-founder and former CEO/CTO Devin Reimer recently announced AstroBeam. He confirmed that it would be a VR multiplayer-focused studio.

Have you tried Vacation Simulator? What were your impressions? Let us know in the comments below.