Taron Egerton Stars in Glimpse

Glimpse screenshot

VR storytelling has taken on many forms over the years. From the now defunct Oculus Story StudiosHenry to more interactive experiences such as Altdeus: Beyond Chronos. The latter has found its footing in recent years, with many new titles coming to take advantage of the unique immersion the medium offers. Next up on the release scheduled: Taron Egerton in Glimpse.

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Synth Riders Announced as Apple Vision Pro Launch Title

Synth Riders 5 Years keyart

Kluge Interactive has seen great success with Synth Riders across the breadth of VR devices. Now, the developer looks to new shores to bring in even more XR rhythm gamers, as the game has been rebuilt from the ground up for Apple Vision Pro. Not only that, but the game will be available as a launch title for the device, arriving tomorrow.

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XREAL Air 2 Ultra to Offer True AR Glasses Utility

XREAL Air 2 Ultra image2

XREAL – formerly Nreal – has always been in augmented reality (AR) business. But its previous devices – like the recently released XREAL Air 2 – only offer digital overlays of your phone screen. Now, just ahead of CES 2024, the company has unveiled its XREAL Air 2 Ultra AR glasses. Showcasing a product that could take on the likes of Apple Vision Pro.

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BloxAR to Bring Mixed Reality Tetris to Meta Quest

BloxAR screenshot1

Tetris is undoubtedly one of the best puzzle videogames ever made. It’s been on every system imaginable and seen countless imitations over the years. The latest is slightly more intriguing as it brings those classic tetrominoes into the real world. The game is called BloxAR and it’s coming to Meta Quest headsets.

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Pre-order Xreal Air 2 AR Glasses for $399

Pre-order Xreal Air 2

If you’re after the latest technology then it’s highly likely you’ve taken a look at various smart glasses. The definition is quite broad, covering devices like the Ray-Ban Meta products to more augmented reality (AR) glasses. It’s the latter category where Xreal (formerly Nreal) falls. And this week, the company announced that you can pre-order its new Xreal Air 2 glasses.

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First Look at Drop Dead’s Meta Quest Mixed Reality Mode

Drop Dead: The Cabin keyart

Earlier this year Soul Assembly announced plans for a mixed reality mode for its zombie shooter Drop Dead: The Cabin. Designed for the upcoming Meta Quest 3 (as well as Quest 2 & Pro), the new mode is called ‘Home Invasion’. And for the first time, you can see Drop Dead’s Meta Quest gameplay in action.

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The Ultimate Mixed Reality Game? BMW’s $86K M4 Coupé Becomes the Controller

Ultimate Mixed Reality Game - BMW

Mixed reality gaming is slowly emerging thanks to devices like Meta Quest and mobile games like Space Invaders: World Defense. But how far has the technology come and where is it likely to lead us in terms of immersion? For that answer, you’ll need to look in an unlikely location, car manufacturer BMW. In what could very well be the ultimate mixed reality game currently, the company’s new M Mixed Reality puts you in a car, on a race track with a headset on.

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