BloxAR to Bring Mixed Reality Tetris to Meta Quest

BloxAR screenshot1

Tetris is undoubtedly one of the best puzzle videogames ever made. It’s been on every system imaginable and seen countless imitations over the years. The latest is slightly more intriguing as it brings those classic tetrominoes into the real world. The game is called BloxAR and it’s coming to Meta Quest headsets.

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Strike Rush Unleashes Multiplayer Mayhem on Quest This Year

Strike Rush keyart 1

It has been quite a while since we last heard of a new VR project from Korea’s Skonec Entertainment. The studio is most famous in the West for Mortal Blitz, an arcade shooter from 2017. Now the company has announced its latest VR game, another intense VR shooter called Strike Rush, coming to Meta Quest headsets in 2024.

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Meta Quest 2 and Official Accessories See Permanent Price Reduction

VR Workout

The Meta Quest 2 has had a great run since its launch in 2020. Redefining VR entertainment, the headset has been the poster child for standalone VR. In that time it has seen a few price fluctuations, with the most recent Black Friday deals bringing it down to $250 USD/£250 GBP. With the arrival of Meta Quest 3, it seems those price reductions are now permanent, with Meta Quest 2 accessories also reduced.

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All the New VR Games Coming in January 2024 [Updated]

Bulletstorm keyart

We’ve survived 2023 and all the New Year parties, so now it’s time to look ahead. November and December treated us to all sorts of tasty VR morsels. So it’s highly likely you’ve still got plenty of new games to play. Even so, there are more titles on the way, so here are all the new VR games set to arrive this January.

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Meta Quest 3 Tracks Your Movement Like Never Before

Quest 3 Inside-Out Body Tracking

VR is all about immersing yourself in a virtual world, and replicating your movements is a key part. Whilst your head and hands are already catered for, the rest of your body generally isn’t. So unless you’re keen and want to pay out for trackers there are few other options. There were because Meta has recently released Inside-Out Body Tracking (IOBT) and Generative Legs for Quest 3.

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Firewall Ultra Studio is Shutting Down

Firewall Ultra keyart

The original Firewall Zero Hour for PSVR was very popular and one of the best reasons to own a PlayStation Aim Controller. Developed by First Contact Entertainment, the studio released its sequel Firewall Ultra earlier this year. However, the game was beset by problems and didn’t become the expected PSVR 2 summer highlight. This has led the Firewall Ultra developer to announce that it is shutting down.

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