VR Gaming on Flights Just Took Off

Meta Quest Flight

Any experienced traveller knows that preparing your in-flight entertainment can be as important as packing clothes. Sitting on a flight that’s 8+ hours long isn’t the most exciting prospect, and purely relying on the airline-supplied roster of films and TV shows is a gamble. So we all like to take our own tailored selection, be it a book, music or videogames. Meta has made that process even easier, providing VR gaming on flights thanks to a new update.

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Ghosts of Tabor Energises Players With GLYTCH

Ghosts of Tabor Key Art

Gamers have been using energy drinks for a while now to keep their focus up over long sessions. So it’s no surprise that gaming companies collaborate with some of the numerous drinks suppliers out there. The latest is Combat Waffle Studios’ Ghosts of Tabor, offering a new flavour in partnership with GLYTCH Energy. Oh, and the game is also available for PICO headsets.

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