Paranormal Hunter Preview: Ghastly Ghosts

Paranormal Hunter Preview image1

Slowly exploring a dark, abandoned home, the wind whistling outside and the creek of the floor boards with every step I hear the inevitable. A ghastly howl in the distance, a scream of a tortured soul that now wants nothing more than to kill me. Running is futile, there aren’t many places to run to. The only escape is to rid this place of evil, the only protection is a UV torch. But the batteries are running low and I don’t have a spare, this is the world of the Paranormal Hunter.

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The 7 Best VR Flight Simulators

Best VR Flight Simulators - Microsoft

Want to see what virtual reality headsets were made for, then buy a flight simulator. Seriously, prior to the first wave of consumer devices arriving in 2016 VR existed for decades before, quite often used by militaries around the world for flight training. With VR so accessible now, stepping into a cockpit of a Boeing or a Harrier Jumpjet has never been easier, or more immersive. So here is XR Source’s selection of the best VR flight simulators.

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The PlayStation Showcase PSVR 2 Games That Need to Appear

PlayStation Showcase header

E3 might not be happening in 2023 but that’s not stopping the industry roll out some big showcase events. Arriving way earlier than everyone else’s in Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) PlayStation Showcase. With a special event taking place next week focused on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR 2, it’s going to be an event PlayStation fans will want to watch. Nothing has been teased just yet, but these are the PlayStation Showcase PSVR 2 games we’re really hoping will make an appearance.

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It’s Shotgun Time in Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom

Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom Action Screenshot_11

In April Maze Theory revealed its Peaky Blinders VR roadmap, detailing monthly content drops. Last month saw the introduction of Shooting Galleries as well as some other gameplay improvements. Today marks the arrival of the next free DLC drop for Meta Quest 2 owners. Introducing the shotgun as well as several combat challenges to Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom.

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Another Fisherman’s Tale Review: All Hands-on Deck 

Another Fisherman's Tale Review

When it comes to making virtual reality puzzle games Innerspace VR are experts. The studio behind The Corsair’s Curse and Maskmaker first delighted players with the mind-bending A Fisherman’s Tale. A delightful story about a puppet who needs to fix a lighthouse during a storm. Whilst short, the game was playful with its sense of scale and wonder, treating players to some extraordinary puzzles. Another Fisherman’s Tale tries to recapture that early magic as the fisherman recants a brand-new tale. 

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Hello Neighbor is Coming to Quest, PC VR & PSVR 2 on the Same Day

Hello Neighbor is Coming

Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue has been scheduled for a 25th May release date on PlayStation VR 2 for a while now. However, there are other VR editions. And it’s now been confirmed by the developer that Hello Neighbor is coming to Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, PC VR and PSVR 2 simultaneously.

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The 7 Best VR Racing Games

Best VR Racing Games - Death Lap

Racing videogames in VR didn’t have the easiest of starts as the gameplay is, quite frankly, supposed to be intense. Competitive, high-speed gameplay can make for an uncomfortable experience for new VR players. However, racing in VR also provides the best adrenaline-pumping experience you can imagine. So if you’re ready for the challenge, here are XR Source’s best VR racing games.

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