Why You Should be Excited for Metal: Hellsinger VR

Metal: Hellsinger keyart

Rhythm-action games have found a natural home in VR, offering engaging physical gameplay. Recently, Funcom announced that its multi-award-winning title Metal: Hellsinger would be making its way to VR headsets later this year. Considering its adrenaline-filled gameplay, read on to find out why you should be excited for Metal: HellSinger VR.

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EA Sports WRC VR Support Crosses the Finish Line in April

EA Sports WRC image

The latest edition of Codemasters’ EA Sports WRC arrived late last year with a mainly positive reception. Prior to launch, the studio confirmed that VR support was in the works but didn’t detail any sort of timeline. Now, in a recent update detailing Season 4 content, Codemasters notes that VR support for EA Sports WRC arrives this month.

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