Vertigo 2 for PSVR 2 Has Been Delayed

Vertigo 2 PSVR 2 keyart

PSVR 2 has a lot of good games on its release schedule for October. The likes of Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord and MADiSON VR are just some of the few still to arrive. Previously part of that list was the highly anticipated Vertigo 2 from indie developer Zach Tsiakalis-Brown. However, that’s no longer the case with Vertigo 2 for PSVR 2 now delayed.

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Kill It With Fire VR Spins Onto PSVR 2 Very Soon

Kill It With Fire VR keyart

Autumn brings with it shorter days, cooler weather and an influx of spiders as it’s their breeding season. If you’re not a fan of the eight-legged critters then you might take joy in Kill It With Fire VR. A game all about annihilating every spider in sight, it originally came to most VR headsets in April. In November, PSVR 2 owners will also be able to enjoy the chaos that is Kill It With Fire VR.

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Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut Delayed on Quest, PSVR 2 & PCVR

Arashi: Castles of Sin - Final Cut keyart

Last month, Skydance Interactive and Endeavor One announced that Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut would be released for multiple VR headsets in November. The publisher and developer, respectively, have now updated that launch timeline, seeing Arashi delayed by a month.

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Autism-friendly BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space Lands on PSVR 2

BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space keyart

October has seen several ports arrive for PSVR 2, including Red Matter, Waltz of the Wizard and Pixel Ripped 1995. If you’re looking for an original game that you might not have played, then there’s BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space. From the indie team Changingday, the autism-friendly BLINNK is now available for PSVR 2.

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PSVR 2 Trophies: Paper Beast Enhanced Edition

Paper Beast Screenshot 3

Pixel Reef’s surreal puzzler Paper Beast was originally a PSVR exclusive in 2020. Now it has been enhanced for PS5 and PlayStation VR 2. Improvements include a new smooth locomotion mode, 4K support for flatscreen players, better sand and water textures and HDR visuals for VR players. Here are all 22 PSVR 2 trophies for Paper Beast Enhanced Edition on your PlayStation 5.

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A Red Matter PSVR 2 Upgrade is Coming Very Soon

Red Matter PSVR 2

After the positive from its first VR game Daedalus, Spanish developer Vertical Robot’s second title was a big hit. Red Matter (2018) was a gorgeous sci-fi thriller set in a dystopian Cold War universe. Completely puzzle-based, the game was atmospheric and wove a mind-bending narrative. Now the studio has announced that Red Matter is getting a free PSVR 2 enhancement.

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