Kill It With Fire VR Spins Onto PSVR 2 Very Soon

Autumn brings with it shorter days, cooler weather and an influx of spiders as it’s their breeding season. If you’re not a fan of the eight-legged critters then you might take joy in Kill It With Fire VR. A game all about annihilating every spider in sight, it originally came to most VR headsets in April. In November, PSVR 2 owners will also be able to enjoy the chaos that is Kill It With Fire VR.

The premise of the game is very simple, you’re presented with various locations that are filled with spiders. Some are tiny and white, others are brown and jump at your face. Whilst the red ones, well, it’s best to give them some distance as they’re quite explosive. All of them need eliminating, however, and you have an arsenal at your disposal.

Ever wanted to kill a spider with a flame thrower? Well, now you can. From simple frying pans to pistols and even rocket launchers, there’s a bevvy of destruction to unleash.

Kill it With Fire VR - image3

Kill everything with fire

As tends to be the case with most PSVR 2 ports, this version does come with some extra features. PSVR 2 edition introduces eye tracking. So instead of using your hands to point at objects to pick them up, you can now simply gaze at them, then press and hold the grip button to quickly pick up anything as a weapon.

Levels are littered with useful items but they could also contain more spiders! Not exactly a game for arachnophobes, it involves opening cupboards and looking behind picture frames to locate the elusive beasts. There are a range of gadgets to unlock to aid in this process as well as additional challenges to tackle. These include the Arachno-Gauntlet, which is as nightmarish as it sounds.

As we found in our Kill It With Fire VR review: “There are points in Kill It With Fire VR that make me love its ludicrous gameplay. Blowing stuff up and basically unleashing all hell on an ever-increasing swarm of spiders is silly, mindless fun.”

Kill It With Fire VR arrives for PSVR 2 on Tuesday, 7th November 2023 for $14.99 USD/ €14.99 EUR.

Looking forward to squashing some arachnids in VR? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.