Resident Evil Village VR Mode Dated

Resident Evil 7 biohazard launched on the original PlayStation VR back in 2017. It remains one of the best experiences on the system. So, news of it’s successor, Resident Evil Village, getting a VR mode is more than welcome. And now, a launch date for the Resident Evil Village VR Mode has been announced.

The entirety of the game’s main story will be available to play on PlayStation VR2 in VR Mode. Players can experience all the events Ethan Winters faces with the greatest level of immersion as he sets out to rescue his kidnapped daughter.

Today, it has been confirmed that this addition will launch on 22nd February, 2023. At present, this VR mode is exclusive to PlayStation VR2.

Resident Evil Village VR Mode screenshot

Resident Evil Village VR Mode Specs

Visually, the 4K HDR display (2000×2040 per eye) and eye tracking promises to produce a heightened perception of reality. 3D audio will enhance the realism, with sound from every angle. Your sense of touch will be brought into the game via the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers. With one controller in each hand, you can feel the vibration, recoil, and resistance as you interact with objects in the world and fire weapons.

The Sense controllers will also enable intuitive movements. Put your arms up to guard and hold your gun out in front of you to shoot. There are also additional actions you can perform to heighten your immersion. Hold two weapons independently, load a clip into your handgun to reload, and wield your knife with slashing or stabbing attacks.

It’s important to note that Resident Evil Village or Resident Evil Village Gold Edition is required to play the new VR mode, which will launch as free DLC. Furthermore, the VR mode DLC will not launch on PlayStation 4 or the original PlayStation VR headset.

For everyone picking up a PlayStation VR2 in February 2023, we hope that you are excited for this new VR mode! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.