Ghosts of Tabor Energises Players With GLYTCH

Ghosts of Tabor Key Art

Gamers have been using energy drinks for a while now to keep their focus up over long sessions. So it’s no surprise that gaming companies collaborate with some of the numerous drinks suppliers out there. The latest is Combat Waffle Studios’ Ghosts of Tabor, offering a new flavour in partnership with GLYTCH Energy. Oh, and the game is also available for PICO headsets.

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Among Us VR Confirmed for PICO as PSVR 2 Still Unknown

Among Us VR Pico

Innersloth’s hugely popular multiplayer Among Us arrived on Steam and Meta Quest headsets a year ago. Adapted by Schell Games and Robot Teddy, PSVR 2 owners have been patiently awaiting their turn. So in a recent announcement, Innersloth has confirmed that Among Us VR is set to arrive for PICO headsets in December.

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Are we in the Midst of a Hand Tracking Revolution?

Apple Vision Pro with battery-FaceTime

If you own a Meta Quest headset then it’s highly likely you’ve given hand tracking a go. Whether you love it or not, XR headset manufacturers are going all in on the technology. Whether that’s to offer an alternative to controllers or dispense with them altogether, we’re in a new hand-tracking revolution where immersion is key. Controllers are seen more as a hindrance than a necessity. But are they?

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Peaky Blinders VR Means Business In Its Latest Update

Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom

The hugely popular TV show Peaky Blinders made its way to virtual reality (VR) headsets back in March. Since then, Maze Theory has been hard at work providing players with a continual stream of new content. The latest has arrived today, and it’s the biggest yet, demonstrating that just like the Shelby’s, Peaky Blinders VR means business.

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How to Combat Motion Sickness in VR

Best VR Deals Meta Quest 2

Unlike other forms of entertainment, virtual reality has one big caveat. No, it isn’t strapping a headset to your face, it’s what happens after that. The dreaded motion sickness, that disconnection your mind and body have when moving through a VR experience. For some, it can be mild whilst others will notice more intense effects. However, there are options to alleviate this, you just have to find what works for you. So here are several ways of combating motion sickness in VR.

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