Ghosts of Tabor: A Beginner’s Guide

There are some fantastic first-person shooters (FPS) for VR headsets, depending on the style you’re after. If you like tactical, military-style gameplay, one of the best is Combat Waffle Studios’ Ghost of Tabor. It has garnered a huge VR fan base since it launched into early access on Steam and Meta Quest App Lab. Ghosts of Tabor recently left App Lab, and if you’re playing it for the first time this guide will point you in the right direction.

Ghosts of Tabor is designed as a hardcore, extraction-based shooter. Fighting against other players and armed AI, you have to use your wits (and a good aim) to survive. You have to scavenge for new gear, weapons, attachments, ammo, medical, food and water, or learn how to craft them. You also need to decide if you’re going to lone wolf it or team up with a few mates to come out victorious.

There’s a lot to see, learn and become accustomed to, so this guide is intended to offer some starting tips for beginners. Or use it as a refresher guide if you’ve not played the game in a while.

Ghosts of Tabor: A Beginners Guide

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Don’t be gungho, use the training mode

So you’ve played a few FPS games, and maybe even become proficient in several VR shooters. But don’t be so cocky in thinking that Ghosts of Tabor will be an instant pick-up and master game. Because it isn’t. There’s a training mode for a reason, helping you become more familiar with the weapons, learn the maps, practice your aim and so much more.

Simple things like learning to craft ammo, using the backpack or using a spoon to eat beans from a tin. These are mechanics you don’t want to start learning in the middle of a firefight. By that point, you should already be well acquainted with them. If not, you’re going to get killed, a lot!

Backpacks for life!

As you’ve now carefully explored the training mode then you’ll know about backpacks, correct? They form a key part of each and every raid you go on, because without a backpack, where’s all the loot going to go? They’re generally cheap to buy and are rarely found on raids.

Also, this might be obvious but the bigger the better. Make sure you have the biggest you can afford for maximum raiding potential. Furthermore, a bigger backpack means you can add extra ammo or a gun just to make the start a little easier.

Set those Settings!

Like many VR games, Ghosts of Tabor is bristling with settings. Some tweak the gameplay, others adjust the comfort levels. So it’s always worth dipping into the settings to see what’s been applied as standard. From there you’ll want to calibrate your height and alter any locomotion/turning options as you see fit.

Some of these you may want to adjust after a couple of raids, once you’re familiar with the game. We’d recommend turning off the compass, as it takes up a lot of room visually and you have one on your watch. Another option to look at is the virtual gunstock. If you don’t have a real gunstock then the virtual one does aid aiming.

Finally, turning off full-body makes looting waaay easier! It’s great to be able to see your virtual legs, adding that extra level of presence. But when trying to quickly pick stuff up from the floor those legs can get in the way. So when starting out, we’d recommend turning this feature off.

Trading & Selling

Lastly, the traders offer a great way to improve your chances and build up your financial reserves by selling unnecessary loot. You’ll also need to upgrade the traders as well, so we’d recommend starting with ‘Spectre’ for guns and attachments and ‘Minty’ for armour. Upgrading works in two ways, firstly, completing trader missions like kills with a certain gun. Secondly, spending and selling with them until you hit a certain threshold. It’s a long process but worth focusing your attention on.

Guns are the most lucrative to sell when it comes to getting bang for your buck. So it’s worth picking up pistols from dead agents to pop in your backpack. A handy trick is to extract whilst holding guns. If you can do so, that means two extra guns to sell!

So there you have it, our guide on your road to being a Ghosts of Tabor pro. Drop any more suggestions in the comments below.