Ghosts of Tabor Energises Players With GLYTCH

Gamers have been using energy drinks for a while now to keep their focus up over long sessions. So it’s no surprise that gaming companies collaborate with some of the numerous drinks suppliers out there. The latest is Combat Waffle Studios’ Ghosts of Tabor, offering a new flavour in partnership with GLYTCH Energy. Oh, and the game is also available for PICO headsets.

Ghosts of Tabor image2

Ghosts of Tabor GLYTCH

We all need a little pick-me-up to aid those long multiplayer gaming sessions. So GLYTCH Energy and Combat Waffle have come up with “Skill Issue”. It is described as: “an explosion of cherry, lime and blue raspberry blended to create a delicious bomber pop flavour influenced by the award-winning VR extraction-based survival game Ghosts of Tabor!”

Like a lot of these “smart energy” supplement drinks, you buy a 5oz tub which you can then make up into a drink. You can buy GLYTCH Energy’s Skill Issue for $32.95 USD or save 10% with a subscription. If you need a boost, of course.

Out Now on Pico

In addition to energising Meta Quest and Steam players, PICO owners can now enjoy Ghosts of Tabor. Supporting PICO 4 Pro, PICO 4 and PICO Neo3 Link, the multiplayer shooter also offers full crossplay compatibility across all supported headsets.

Ghosts of Tabor retails for $24.99 for PICO devices.

Ghosts of Tabor?

If you’re a VR fan who’s not heard of Ghosts of Tabor, where have you been? Designed as a hardcore, extraction-based shooter, it saw huge success in early access before its official launch a couple of months ago. F

Fighting against other players and armed AI, you have to scavenge for new gear, weapons, attachments, ammo, medical, food and water, or learn how to craft them. You also need to decide if you’re going to lone wolf it or team up with a few mates to come out victorious.

Will you be using GLYTCH for your next Ghosts of Tabor session? Let us know in the comments below.