The 7 Best VR Cooking Games

Feeding ourselves is a basic life necessity but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. In fact, a lot of us derive great joy in cooking new culinary delights. So much so that there’s a whole videogame genre dedicated to food preparation. From realistic simulators to more abstract experiences, here are the best VR cooking games.

The Best VR Cooking Games

Cooking games come in all shapes and sizes and to suit all tastes. Whether you want to man a busty restaurant lunch hour by yourself. Or how about teaming up with friends to ensure your steady stream of clientele is well catered to? We’re not just talking about grilling a quick burger either, from gastronomic plates of food to mixing the perfect cocktail, you’ll need to multitask to perfection to see it through a shift.

So in no particular order, the following selection will help you unlock your ideas. Whether you’re on Meta Quest, PSVR 2 or PCVR headsets.

Best VR co-op Games - Cook-Out2

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale

Resolution Games, one of the kings of co-op VR, released Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale back in 2020. Supporting most VR headsets, Cook-Out is a social cooking experience through and through – single-player is also supported. Set in a fantasy realm where your customers can range from kings and princesses to werewolves and mice, as the title suggests, you are there to make delicious sandwiches.

Up to four players can man the kitchen, each helping to plate up orders. Because not every station has all the required ingredients, teamwork is key. Slice up tomatoes, carefully stack each item and then pop it in the centre as fast as possible. Speedy service means a happy customer. Plus there are other jobs to do along the way, wash returning plates, grill food and more. There’s plenty to do!

Bartender VR Simulator screenshot

Bartender VR Simulator

Okay, so not technically a cooking game, but Bartender VR Simulator isn’t to be overlooked. Because behind a selection of virtual bars, you’ll learn to mix cocktails like the experts. All under the watchful eye of Tomasz Małek, a six-time Bartending World Champion.

Starting with a few basic drinks all bartenders should know you’ll eventually gain access to more liquors and fancier locations. Earn the course completion certificate and take up a whole new challenge in the Pro Mode.

Clash of Chefs VR screenshot

Clash of Chefs VR

Another cooking game that can be played solo but works better with a mate is Clash of Chefs VR. Part simulator and part competitive cooking game, Clash of Chefs VR is about culinary speed. Blast through 80 single-player levels before taking on human opponents in both real-time and asynchronous competitive multiplayer in four unique restaurants.

Each restaurant features a different cuisine, from flipping burgers in an American Diner, perfecting pizzas at an Italian restaurant or making sushi in a Japanese establishment, your skills will be tested. This is most definitely a clash of chefs!

Lost Recipes screenshot

Lost Recipes

Possibly the most original and unusual cooking title here is Schell Games’ Lost Recipes. Part cooking simulator and part history lesson, Lost Recipes is all about mastering different recipes across three historically authentic kitchens.

Step into traditional kitchens from ancient Greek, Chinese, and Mayan civilizations, with their own unique ingredients. Ghosts pass down their recipes from native-speaking voice actors, all thanks to the extensive cultural and historical research carried out by Schell Games.

Cooking Simulator VR screenshot1

Cooking Simulator VR

Probably the most well-known cooking game on this list, GameBoom’s Cooking Simulator VR is a must for cooking fans. You’re in a pro kitchen with all the griddles, cookers, gas stands, ovens, pots, pans, plates, knives, spatulas and blenders you could ask for.

Meat and fish, fruit and veggies, dairy products and various liquids make up over 140 accessible ingredients to get your chef on. There’s even real-life physics so that each item has a different resistance to the knife, felt through haptic feedback of your VR controllers.

Zombie Bar Simulator screenshot

Zombie Bar Simulator

Bored with normal cooking games? How about something a bit less palatable? Designed as a family-friendly Zombie Bar Simulator, as the bar boss, you’ll face various challenges while serving craving zombies. Prepare gruesome dishes from fresh and still-beating body parts. Serve grotesque drinks and add eyeballs to Martinis.

Learn different recipes and perfect them in either free or practice mode, as well as the 33-level campaign. Each level will test the player’s skill set and ability to cope with harder working conditions, such as sabotages. The game introduces professional real-life equipment and recipes and mixes them all with a bit of undead flavour.

Astro Chef screenshot 02

Astro Chef

Another unusual cooking game is Astro Chef. In this culinary puzzle solver you take over your uncle’s space diner, a restaurant that’s seen better days. With no prior knowledge of cooking, alien clientele, or how to wield futuristic kitchen tools, it’s an adventure of gastronomic discovery. 

Due to your cosmic location and clientele, your list of ingredients and the food you serve are far from ordinary. Through experimentation with these alien ingredients and assistance from a trusty scanner tool, you can unravel the tastes and preferences of your customers. The main goal is to restore the diner’s former glory. Quite the cosmic cook-off!

And there you have it. That wraps up our picks of the seven best VR cooking games. What are your thoughts? Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

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