The 7 Best VR Fitness Games

Virtual reality (VR) gaming isn’t about plonking yourself on a sofa and lazily playing through an open-world adventure. VR wants you to get involved, physically pick up stuff and really become engrained in the experience. Because of this aspect, VR can be energetic and healthy, making it great for fitness at home. If you’re looking for a good home workout, here are the best VR fitness games to try.

The Best VR Fitness Games

Being active and healthy comes in all sorts of forms. So long as you’re moving and getting that heart rate up then you’re doing your body some good. That means any sort of energetic activity in VR is suitable, but some games and apps are far more tailored than others.

XR Source has selected a range of fitness solutions. From those that are fun to dance to, to those specifically targeting calorie burn and getting every muscle moving.

Les Mills Bodycombat - Best Meta Quest 2 Games

Les Mills Bodycombat

Want something to give you a whole-body workout? That’s where Les Mills Bodycombat comes in. Mixing martial arts with fitness routines, this app has an extensive workout portfolio of 45 routines. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a light 10-minute session or a more advanced half-hour workout, there’s something for everyone. 

Les Mills Bodycombat will have you punching, squatting, ducking, and moving your whole body to the beat. You can track your fitness goals and set targets to achieve.  

Supernatural - Best VR Fitness Games


Like going to a gym, there are some VR fitness apps that are free to try. You can then sign-up for a monthly membership if you enjoy the experience. Supernatural is one of the biggest in this field, featuring a library of 500+ workouts with new ones added daily.

Workouts will provide a mixture of strikes, swings, smashes, lunges, squats, and leg lifts to get your body moving. All tailored music from every genre, such as Pop and Rock to Rap. And to keep your motivation high, each workout comes with its own real-life coach.

FitXR- Best VR Fitness Games


Another subscription fitness app, FitXR is split across five different studios; Box, Dance, Sculpt, Combat and HIIT. As their names indicate, each studio provides its own form of workout. From the original boxing sessions the app launched with to the new HIIT, providing a really intense workout.

New classes are introduced each week and they’re all tailored to popular music. A multiplayer feature allows you to train with friends and there are professional trainers to help with motivation.

Synth Riders image

Synth Riders

Not all of these suggestions are fitness-focused. Synth Riders, for example, is a rhythm-action title initially built around synth-wave music. Over the years its music library has massively expanded with free and paid DLC music packs (the latest is Gorillaz).

All about hitting orbs in time with the music, Synth Riders offers 10-player cross-platform multiplayer; gameplay modifiers to make it easier or harder, as well as Spin and Spiral modes to fully unlock the power of VR.

VZfit - Best VR Fitness Games


Probably the most unique VR fitness app on this list, VZfit comes with a range of workout possibilities. Primarily catering towards home exercise bikes – you’ll need a Bluetooth cadence sensorVZfit gives you the opportunity to cycle around the world using Google Maps.

Take a leisurely ride down the Californian coast or take in the stunning views of the Scottish Highlands. Cycling at home doesn’t need to be boring. If you don’t have a bike, then VZfit still has full-body cardio workouts.

Beat Saber image

Beat Saber

Now heart-pounding workout list would be complete without Beat Saber, one of the most well-known VR games around. It is a rhythm-action videogame where you slice blocks to the music with a pair of lightsabers.

It is very energetic, waving your arms around to slice the incoming blocks, sidestepping obstacles or ducking under them. Thanks to its popularity there are loads of DLC packs to purchase, some from famous artists including Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Billy Eilish, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd and many more.

OhShape image


Another “sort of” fitness game, OhShape is all about making shapes with your body to fit through virtual cutouts. Sounds simple, but when these obstacles come flying at you you’ll have to move fast!

Featuring 47 handcrafted songs with 4 difficulty levels, there’s a multiplayer component to challenge friends with a cross-platform online leaderboard. Custom songs are supported alongside a level editor to create your own fun sessions.

Oculus Move

Finally, if you’re using the Meta Quest platform then don’t forget to set up Oculus Move. This is an activity tracking app showing you the number of minutes you’ve moved and the calories burnt. It allows you to set goals for both of these metrics, helping you reach those fitness targets.

That wraps up our picks for the seven best VR fitness games! What are your thoughts? Any that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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