All the New VR Games Coming in January 2024 [Updated]

We’ve survived 2023 and all the New Year parties, so now it’s time to look ahead. November and December treated us to all sorts of tasty VR morsels. So it’s highly likely you’ve still got plenty of new games to play. Even so, there are more titles on the way, so here are all the new VR games set to arrive this January.

As you might expect, the current crop is a little bare only three days into the new year. PlayStation VR 2, Meta Quest 3 and 2, and PCVR headsets are all covered, however. With a collection of quirky puzzlers, action-packed shooters and multiplayer goodness.

In all likelihood, XR Source is expecting plenty more last-minute January game reveals as the draws on.

Toy Trains screenshot1

New VR Games January

GameLaunch DatePlatform
Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem4thMeta Quest, PCVR (Steam)
Townsmen VR4thMeta Quest
VRosty11thMeta Quest, PCVR (Steam)
Vertigo 215thPSVR 2
Toy Trains16thMeta Quest, PSVR 2, PCVR (Steam)
Bulletstorm VR18thMeta Quest, PSVR 2, PCVR (Steam)
Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye18thMeta Quest, PCVR (Steam)
Crumbling18thMeta Quest, PCVR (Steam)
Run or Die VR23rdPSVR 2
UNDERDOGS25thMeta Quest
Demeter25thMeta Quest
Hunt Together25thMeta Quest
God of Riffs: Battle for The Metalverse30thPSVR 2
Hunt Together screenshot1

And that’s currently all the new VR games scheduled to arrive in January. There are still some outliers such as Vertigo 2 and Ultrawings 2. Both are for PSVR 2 with release dates expected soon. We’ll add these to the list once their dates have been confirmed.

If we’ve missed any out do let us know and we’ll update the list accordingly. Which will you be adding to your collection? Let us know in the comments.