Toy Trains Multiplatform Arrival Planned for January

There’s been a few VR game delays of late, such as Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable and Bulletstorm VR. Just like the rail services in the UK, Something Random’s Toy Trains has also seen a slight delay. Not by much, however, with a new Toy Trains multiplatform launch now taking place in January.

During the summer, Something Random announced a Q4 2023 launch for Quest and PCVR headsets on Steam. An edition for PSVR 2 was then slated to arrive at a later date. The latest release update brings all of those versions together, coming to PSVR2, Steam and Meta App Lab on 16th January 2024.

Toy Trains screenshot1

Toy Trains welcomes new passengers

A miniature railway builder, the game is a single-player game designed to create that sense of childhood nostalgia. A relaxing experience, in Toy Trains you pick components for your railway set out of a book. Snap together track sections to complete open-ended challenges. Then once complete, go back and redecorate the landscape with trees, water features, farmsteads and more.

None of it is timed so you can go at your own pace. Quite different to Super Hot, which the founders of Something Random previously worked on.

Key features:

  • Be creative – try various options to solve open-ended challenges
  • Express yourself – decorate the land in your individual style
  • Play with the world itself – splash some water, move the trees or melt over the cuteness of little Railies!
  • Go back in time – experience child-like joy and live through a nostalgic storyline
  • Relax – there is no rush and no stress in the Toy Trains land
  • Immerse – feel all that and more in the most captivating way – VR!

While you’re awaiting the launch in January, over on Steam there’s a free demo to get you started. Or you can see all the new VR games set to arrive in December.

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