Paper Beast Begins a New Journey on PSVR 2 Soon

Back in 2020, Pixel Reef came along and released its debut virtual reality game Paper Beast for PSVR. It was a highly unusual and original title where AI animals come to life in a digital ecosystem. The studio has been working on a next-gen port for a while, with PlayStation 5 and PSVR 2 editions set to arrive this Autumn.

As the name implies, Paper Beast offers up a fantastical world filled with paper creatures. Some have similarities to real-world animals whilst others are far more bizarre. It’s a surreal ecosystem born from the depths of big data, that constantly changes as you explore. With no text or voiceovers to guide you, solving the environmental puzzles requires learning the various attributes of the creatures around you.

Paper Beast Screenshot 3

Paper Beast Enhanced Edition

Called the Paper Beast Enhanced Edition, it’ll be available in both flatscreen and VR. The new version will feature plenty of enhancements including a smooth locomotion mode to freely traverse landscapes. As well as 4K support on PS5 outside VR. Both platforms will also offer highly detailed textures, especially on the flow of sand and water, and introduce Light Shafts.

Furthermore, if you’re playing on PSVR 2, you’ll be able to enjoy HDR visuals, making the world look even more glorious.

Once the single-player campaign is complete, Paper Beast also has a sandbox mode. Here you can create your own magical world, carving out streams and raising mountains. You can then fill it with all of your favourite Paper Beast animals. For the Enhanced Edition, the sandbox has been expanded. You can add an increased number of creatures and plants that grow and beautify over time.

Paper Beast Enhanced Edition arrives for PS5 and PSVR 2 on 27th September 2023.

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