The 7 Best VR Multiplayer Games

How to play Gorilla Tag

What makes a good multiplayer game? Is it the visuals, gameplay, social options, regular content drops and more? Quite honestly it needs to be a slice of all of these variables, as well as one final thing. That indescribable spark that makes everyone who dips their toe in suddenly want more. There are so many immersive videogames that have multiplayer components trying to whittle the list down to seven is a task in itself. But here we go, the best VR multiplayer games!

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Ultrawings 2 Plans to Land on PSVR 2 “Soonish”

Ultrawings 2 image1

We’ve known about a lot of exciting PSVR 2 games coming soon for a while now. Some, like C-Smash VRS for PSVR 2 have now arrived but there are still many more waiting in the wings. One of those is Bit Planet Games’ Ultrawings 2, part flight simulator and part arcade experience. Recently, the studio updated fans to cheekily say that the PSVR 2 edition of Ultrawings 2 is arriving “soonish”.

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The 7 Best VR Flight Simulators

Best VR Flight Simulators - Microsoft

Want to see what virtual reality headsets were made for, then buy a flight simulator. Seriously, prior to the first wave of consumer devices arriving in 2016 VR existed for decades before, quite often used by militaries around the world for flight training. With VR so accessible now, stepping into a cockpit of a Boeing or a Harrier Jumpjet has never been easier, or more immersive. So here is XR Source’s selection of the best VR flight simulators.

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