PlayStation Store Sale Discounts More than 15 PSVR Games

Borderlands 2 VR keyart

All the hype in the VR industry is firmly squared on the upcoming PSVR2 launch. However, there’s still a great many reasons to keep the faith with the original PSVR headset. Sony are clearly aware of this, with a number of different PlayStation Store promotions offering discounts on more than 15 PSVR games.

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Remio Looks to Fill an AltSpace Shaped Hole

Remio screenshot

Remio is a new VR platform designed for remote team building and collaboration for global enterprise customers. Sound familiar? There are many such platforms that propose as such, but it was AltSpace that garnered much of the attention. Now, as Microsoft taking steps to end the life of the application, Remio has launched on the Meta Quest store. Could this be your new go-to for VR meetings?

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