Halloween Horror MADiSON VR Delayed into 2024

There were plenty of new VR games that arrived in October but there were also some delays. Vertigo 2 for PSVR 2 was pushed back to an undisclosed date. Likewise, so was Bloodious Games’ horror MADiSON VR which has been due on Halloween. Publisher Perp Games has now confirmed that MADiSON VR has been delayed until the new year.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Perp said: “We’ve decided to delay #MADiSONVR into 2024. We don’t want to rush the game’s launch and want to capture the horror of the flatscreen version perfectly before you can all (sh*t) yourselves on #PSVR2 & #PCVR!”

No further details have been released regarding the delay but it is becoming more commonplace. And players don’t seem to mind, preferring to wait longer for a more polished experience. There have been several game launches this year that seemingly could’ve done with a bit more development time.

MADiSON VR screenshot

MADiSON VR Delayed

MADiSON VR is a virtual reality port of 2022’s psychological horror MADiSON. The flatscreen edition of the game was very well received by gamers, praised for its atmosphere, visual effects, jump scares and puzzles. Hence why the VR edition was so eagerly anticipated.

The story revolves around Luca, who wakes up locked in a dark room, their hands soaked in blood. You discover that a demon that has forced him to continue a gory ritual started decades ago, making him commit abominable acts. The game then tasks you with finishing this sinister ceremony.

Like other VR ports such as Green Hell VR or Blair Witch VR, MADiSON VR will feature full motion controls. You wield an instant camera to navigate through this nightmarish world, grabbing and inspecting items to help unravel answers.

Are you disappointed that the game has been delayed? Or happy they’re spending more time polishing the experience? Let us know in the comments below.