First Look at Drop Dead’s Meta Quest Mixed Reality Mode

Earlier this year Soul Assembly announced plans for a mixed reality mode for its zombie shooter Drop Dead: The Cabin. Designed for the upcoming Meta Quest 3 (as well as Quest 2 & Pro), the new mode is called ‘Home Invasion’. And for the first time, you can see Drop Dead’s Meta Quest gameplay in action.

In an Early Access preview on YouTube, you can see the mixed reality tech doing what it does best, bringing a room to life. The mode turns a space like a living room or a bedroom into the game’s titular cabin, with wooden framed windows and doors. Zombies are outside and you have to utilise a range of weapons to stop them from getting in. From pistols and shotguns to assault rifles, you’ve never unleashed a barrage of bullets like this in your home before.

Drop Dead Quest 3

Drop Dead’s Home Invasion

Drop Dead: The Cabin – Home Invasion is a new feature for the original game rather than an entirely new experience. Showcasing Meta’s newfound love for mixed reality. The video was recorded on a Quest Pro, so we’d expect the MR to be even better on Quest 3 thanks to its depth sensor. Especially when the gameplay moves from zombies climbing through windows to smashing down your walls.

Drop Dead isn’t the only game with a mixed-reality vision. Other games planning Quest 3 upgrades include Digital Lode’s Espire 2 and PotamWorks’ Smash Drums.

Meta Quest 3 is set to be the star of today’s Connect conference, with a final unveiling and expected rollout of pre-orders. The $499 headset will sit in the middle of Meta’s XR hardware lineup.

The ‘Home Invasion’ mode is slated to arrive in October as a free update to the main game. What do you think of Drop Dead’s Meta Quest gameplay? Are you interested in playing in MR? Let us know in the comments below.