Espire 2 Mixed Reality Mode Primed for Meta Quest 3

Digital Lode has announced a brand new Mixed Reality mode for Espire 2, the popular VR stealth game. Coming later this year, players can continue the fight against OPHIS on their own home turf with the Espire 2 Mixed Reality Mode, a free update which be supported on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets, as well as the upcoming Meta Quest 3.

The Mixed Reality Mode features a different scenario to the core game, but perfectly keeping with the fictional universe. You play as Tempest, an agent who must pass a series of Mixed Reality Missions to be cleared to pilot an Espire Frame. Each mission offers a variety of objectives, constantly changing familiar surroundings as you move. Engage with enemy soldiers, bipedal mechs, electronic threats, and more that emerge to prevent you from completing your objective.

Espire 2 Mixed Reality Mode Screenshot

Espire 2 Mixed Reality Mode Gameplay

The Espire 2 Mixed Reality Mode features a series of stealth missions that adapt to the player’s personal playspace. Missions are deliberately focused and optimised for all environments, ranging from small areas to multiple rooms.

Mixed Reality Missions were designed utilising key hardware features from Meta Reality. On Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 3, this will include colour passthrough, scene understanding and passthrough occlusion. All items, threats and interactable objects are procedurally placed in your environment. However, all missions were handcrafted by the development team to ensure a thrilling stealth action experience for each user.

Out now for the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro platforms, Espire 2 will also be made available for the forthcoming Meta Quest 3 headset. Digital Lode continues to make performance improvements to the game in advance of the expected release later this year. No specific release date has yet been announced for the Mixed Reality Mode. However, we can expect it to be around the time of the Meta Quest 3 launch.

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