Smash Drums Breaks (Mixed) Reality Today on Meta Quest

Rhythm-action drumming game Smash Drums has become quite the hit since its Meta Quest launch in 2021. Today, developer PotamWorks is rolling out a mixed reality (MR) update. So you can now play Smash Drums on Meta Quest whilst looking at your own living room.

Called the Smash Reality update, it will support all Smash Drums modes by the look of it. So if you just want to have a convo with someone whilst playing the drums or grab your cup of coffee (probably best not) then you can.

What a smashing reality

Whilst it is certainly novel being able to play Smash Drums in mixed reality, more importantly, this sets up a Quest 3 edition.

As XR Source previously wrote, Quest 3 outshines Quest Pro thanks to its improved spatial data capture. PotamWorks has confirmed Smash Drums will support Quest 3, in doing so, making extra use of its spatial tracking. So elements like drum placement should be even better than Quest Pro. Plus, of course, you’ve got full-colour passthrough rather than Quest 2’s black-and-white capability.

That could make Smash Drums for Quest 3 the definitive version for all you drumming fans. The game is already one of the best anyway, having made our Best VR Rhythm Action Games list.

Featuring single-player, co-op and multiplayer modes, Smash Drums includes over 60 head-banging rock songs. There are 9 VR environments in single-player mode with the multiplayer arena supporting 2-8 drummers. There’s even a live ranking system to compete with players worldwide.

Thanks to Quest headsets, Apple Vision Pro, Lynx R1 and more, mixed reality implementation is becoming more commonplace and is only set to grow. Espire 2, Demeo and Space Dragon are just some of the games adding MR support.

What’s your take on mixed reality gaming, looking forward to it. Let us know in the comments below.