Drop Dead: The Cabin MR Brings Horror to Your Real World

Soul Assembly has revealed an intriguing new concept. Drop Dead: The Cabin MR is a new gameplay mode designed specifically for the Meta Quest 3, bringing the horrors of the series into the real world for the first time.

Soul Assembly is the game studio behind the popular Drop Dead VR franchise and Warhammer 40,000 Battle Sister VR. Drop Dead: The Cabin MR is a new feature for the original game. It has been designed to showcase the capabilities of the Meta Quest 3’s mixed reality (MR) mode, with a reveal by Mark Zuckerberg himself. Players can experience the nerve-wracking thrill of a zombie apocalypse right in the comfort of their own home.

Drop Dead: The Cabin MR mode GIF

Drop Dead: The Cabin for Meta Quest 3

Utilising the MR technology of the Meta Quest 3, the game will see zombie hordes smashing down walls into your personal space. This is not a videogame in the conventional sense, it’s a challenge that plunges you into a new immersive showdown.

Joe Waterworth, from Soul Assembly’s Publishing team, shared the company’s enthusiasm. “Announcing Drop Dead: The Cabin MR mode for the Meta Quest 3 & Pro is a thrilling moment for us. We set out to make the perfect game to blow the minds of friends and family alike and really showcase the power of mixed reality gaming. Collaborating closely with Meta on this project has broadened our scope of what’s achievable with mixed reality. “

No specific release date has been announced for this new MR experience. However, the game is surely set to be a highlight of the Meta Quest 3’s launch window. Expect it to launch closely to the headset itself. Furthermore, Soul Assembly has confirmed that the MR mode will launch as a free update for Drop Dead: The Cabin.

What do you think about this new MR technology? Can you see more games taking advantage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!