Meta Quest 3 Price Drops Ahead of Launch

There are only a few days to go until Meta’s Connect conference and the final Quest 3 unveiling. A lot has already been divulged, including its price and several specifications, we’re just awaiting the launch date. However, where the price is concerned, a few small adjustments have been made. It seems Meta Quest 3 price drops have occurred across Europe but not in North America.

Originally, Meta Quest 3 was priced at $499.99 USD/€499.99 EUR and £499.99 GBP. Just like the Quest 2, the same price across the board. Now though, a quick look at Meta’s website for various European shows a price reduction for the 128GB model. In the UK, for example, the headset is now listed at £479.99. Whilst in Germany, Italy and France the price has gone from €569.99 to €549.99, a small but not insignificant saving.

Meta Quest 3 explosion

Meta Quest 3 Price Drops

Across the pond, the US price for Quest 3 128GB remains the same at $499.99. The price adjustment could indicate closer parity with exchange rates. Although that’s unlikely considering Meta’s previous VR headset pricing. Either way, the company hasn’t said why this adjustment has taken place.

It’s good news for VR fans looking to buy the new headset in the UK and Europe. Meta Quest 3 pre-orders are expected to be announced during the first-day keynote, with the launch taking place in mid-October. Similar to Quest 2’s rollout.

The arrival of Quest 3 will put it in the middle of the Meta hardware lineup. Quest 2 will remain the entry-level model while the Quest Pro will be the flagship at $999. How long the Pro will last there is uncertain. Quest 3 is already touted as the company’s most powerful, with a new support page on spatial data showing that Quest 3 outshines Quest Pro.

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