Racket Club Welcomes New Members This Winter

During the summer as part of the Quest Gaming Showcase prolific VR developer Resolution Games showcased two new games. Firstly, the was Demeo Battles, its turn-based, PvP brawler. The second was Racket Club, a socially-focused tennis game. With Demeo Battles due in November, Racket Club will be opening its doors in December.

Racket Club isn’t a conventional tennis game. It takes elements of tennis and squash, alongside the growing sport of pickleball and mashes all of that into its own experience. Supporting both single-player and multiplayer modes of up to four people, courts are small with walls to bounce the ball off of. Thus making for a fun, energetic sports game.

Racket Club screenshot

A Winter Service

The team is going for a realistic experience, capturing an authentic play feel. So that means the way the ball bounces and the feel of the rackets should be fairly intuitive for anyone who has played tennis or pickleball.

Furthermore, one of the core aspects of the game is its social aspect. For instance: “That means you step in a place where other people are playing around you, you can hear them play, you can interact or not, it’s your choice,” says Mathieu Castelli, Chief Creative Officer at Resolution Games. And to make this more seamless the team has tried to employ as little UI as possible.

At launch, it’ll feature one club as well as the usual court surface variations like grass, clay and hardcourt.

Resolution Games has earmarked a December 2023 release window for Racket Club. It’ll support Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro and SteamVR headsets. Pre-orders are available on the Quest Store with a 10% discount.

Are you a tennis fan? Have you tried the likes of Tennis Esports, Tennis League VR or First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis Simulator? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.