Tennis League VR Quest 2 Launch Date Arrives

It’s time to lace up your virtual tennis shoes. Developer AnotheReality has today launched Tennis League VR on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. Built with pros and fitness fans, Tennis League VR promises to deliver the thrill of winning a set for every skill level.

With Tennis League VR, players will learn to smash the competition with the perfect ace. The game is designed to improve your on-the-court abilities, while offering numerous mini-games to accompany the core tennis experience. All of this can be experienced in the demo version already available.

Virtual champions can play solo across a variety of modes, host your own tournaments or one-on-one matches and invite up to eight friends to spectate. Players are encouraged to use real techniques to dominate the leaderboards and smash the competition.

Tennis League VR screenshot

Tennis League VR Quest 2 Full Release

What’s new in the full release for Quest 2 is the ‘Droid Rush’ mode. In this new game mode, players demolish squads of soulless robots. As they do so, they’ll learn how to position their grip and direct balls. As the difficulty increases, those racket reflexes will definitely be put to the test.

There’s also full Career and Custom modes to help you become a groundstroke guru in no time. Plus, of course, there’s also multiplayer included. According to developer AnotheReality, plans to support Tennis League VR extend well past its launch today. No details of what these are just yet, however the team tout ‘an expanded feature set including new modes’.

You can feed your adrenaline rush with intense rallies, or enjoy mini-games that train your aim as you defend the court against a swarm of droid invaders from today. Tennis League VR is available via the Meta Quest Store, compatible with both Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro.