Islanders: VR Edition Out Next Month for Quest & PCVR Headsets

At the beginning of August, XR Source reported that Islanders: VR Edition would be coming soon to Meta Quest 2 and PCVR headsets. With Gamescom 2023 taking place this week in Cologne, Germany, developers Stage Clear and GrizzlyGames with publisher Coatsink have revealed a September launch date.

In a similar vein to Purple Yonder’s Little Cities, Islanders: VR Edition is a casual city-building game. Players get to build beautiful, bustling towns without having to deal with the intricate stresses of commerce. Minimalist in its design aesthetic, the game is, in fact, a virtual reality port of the group’s flatscreen original, Islanders.

Islanders: VR Edition screenshot1

A Fall outing for the Islanders

Featuring an infinite number of lands on which to build your great metropolis, Islanders: VR Edition has been designed to make use of VR immersive qualities. On Quest, for example, players have the choice between using controllers or going more hands-on with the hand-tracking control scheme.

The game starts you off slowly, building small villages to get you accustomed to city layouts. Properly doing so will build up points, and the more points you have the more you can build. Unlocking not only bigger and more grandiose buildings but also new islands to explore.

So once you’ve had enough and maximised one island, you can move on to another. Refining your strategy each and every time. Furthermore, as the islands are procedurally generate, they offer endless possibilities for your ideas.

Islanders: VR Edition is coming to Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro and SteamVR on 28th September 2023. Quest owners can pre-order the game now with a 10% discount until launch day.

Considering Coatsink’s previous VR experience with games like Jurassic World Aftermath and Shadow Point, Islanders: VR Edition looks promising.

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