Islanders VR Edition Coming Soon to Quest 2 & SteamVR

VR gaming isn’t all action-packed, sweat-inducing experiences, there are plenty of relaxing titles available. Games like Cubism and Little Cities, for example. Joining that roster soon is a new city builder called Islanders VR Edition, from the minds at Stage Clear, GrizzlyGames and Coatsink.

As you can tell by the name, Islanders was originally a flatscreen game released in 2019 by the same teams. Described as a ‘minimalist city builder’, Islanders VR Edition brings all the joy of creating an expansive metropolis. That’s without all the stress and faff or resource management.

Islanders VR Edition screenshot2

Build your dream island utopia

In Islanders VR Edition, you start with a procedurally generated blank island canvas and a few small buildings. Start grabbing a few buildings from your inventory and proceed to grow the populace across the map. Doing so will net you points, with more points awarded for careful placement and consideration. For example, avoid blocking access to natural resources and make sure the people can navigate the city.

More points unlock new islands to build upon, with an infinite number of lands to conquer. Furthermore, the more you build the bigger and grander your cities can become.

This should provide endless replayability, refining your city with each new location. Additionally, on Quest 2, you’ll be able to put your controllers down and use hand tracking instead.

Coatsink is well-versed in VR videogames. The developer and publisher has created several memorable titles over the years including Jurassic World Aftermath, Shadow Point, They Suspect Nothing, Augmented Empire and more.

Currently, Islanders VR Edition is listed as ‘coming soon’ for Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR headsets. There’s indication from Coatsink when the game will arrive.

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