All the New VR Games Coming in November

Own a Quest 2 - Stranger Things

October’s new VR games didn’t disappoint and looking at November’s roster there’s even more to look forward to. Once again there are over 20 titles confirmed so far, for PlayStation VR 2, Meta Quest 3 and 2, and PCVR headsets. So let’s dive in and see all the new VR games set to arrive this November.

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STRIDE: Fates Leaps Onto Meta Quest in a Few Weeks

STRIDE: Fates screenshot 4

STRIDE: Fates caused some controversy last month when it was announced. Designed as a freerunning single-player campaign, it was originally supposed to be part of Stride before Joy Way decided to separate the two. Now, a released date for Stride: Fates on Meta Quest headsets has been confirmed for November.

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STRIDE: Fates Brings Parkour Adventure to Quest in 2023

STRIDE: Fates keyart

In 2022, after a short early access period, Joy Way launched STRIDE. It was a parkour-themed game where you could run and leap across rooftops, shooting bad guys and setting speed runs. At the time, a campaign story mode was on the cards yet never seemed to materialise. Now it has, sort of. Joy Way has announced the sequel STRIDE: Fates, a “full-fledged separate game.”

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