STRIDE: Fates Leaps Onto Meta Quest in a Few Weeks

STRIDE: Fates caused some controversy last month when it was announced. Designed as a freerunning single-player campaign, it was originally supposed to be part of Stride before Joy Way decided to separate the two. Now, a released date for Stride: Fates on Meta Quest headsets has been confirmed for November.

Stride: Fates is coming to Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro on Thursday, 9th November 2023. It’s already available to pre-order on the Quest Store with a 10 percent discount available. You’ll also get some unique gun skins if you pre-order. A Steam edition for PCVR headsets is also planned, but that launch won’t happen until next year.

STRIDE: Fates screenshot 2

Meta Quest’s Fate

Stride: Fates is a parkour-inspired action game where you’ll be using plenty of acrobatic skills to scale rooftops and shoot bad guys.

As the synopsis explains:

“Raised in the slums of dystopian Airon City, at the very bottom of the food chain, you got a golden ticket out. To survive and climb the ladder in elite police forces of SkyChase, you will have to deal with power shifts in gangs, dirty family feuds, corporate secrets, forbidden tech and much more. Your fate is bound with other motley characters in this story. Will you accept the destiny or fight against it?”

Joy Way has completely reworked the original Stride engine. The studio claims this “offers advanced levels of graphics, physics, and interactivity on standalone VR.”

Set to feature around 8 hours of gameplay, you will have the city at your feet. Climb huge skyscrapers, quickly traverse between them using cables or launch yourself through windows to find the best path. Locations will be open-world, so you can tackle challenges like snipers and drones in your own way, whether that’s avoiding them or going in for the kill. When it comes to combat, you can use your guns to stay at range or get up close. You’ll have access to knives, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and more.

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